COVID Lessons… 1 Year Later

With our son approaching and us hitting a year of COVID, I have been reflecting a lot on what this time has taught me and made me realize. Although this year has been strange and difficult in a number of ways, it definitely has made me take a step back and gain some much needed perspective on a multitude of things. I want to look back and appreciate what I gained from this season of uncertainty instead of the things I “lost” or “missed out on”. I thought I would share some of those thoughts today and would love to know anything you have learned throughout this time!

1.Our bodies and health are one of the biggest gifts and blessings we can be given. Taking care of them is such a privilege…not a punishment or something on a to do list. Some people would give anything to use their bodies the way God created them to be.

2.Our minds are so powerful in the way our body operates and responds. The energy you continuously pour in will be the energy that flows out.

3. Control what you can control. Do your part in what you know you need to do each day to be the best version of you because no one else is going to do it for you or live your life.

4.Practice gratitude each and every day. We take so many things for granted that are just part of our daily lives but such a blessing. The little things are the big things.

5.Listen, observe and understand what is going on around you. We are so quick to talk, voice an opinion, or jump on social media before having time to digest, research and think for ourselves. There is constantly so much noise.

6.Not sharing things on social media/publicly doesn’t mean you don’t care or you are not taking action within your own life and home. Why has that become such an expectation in our society? Our value is not behind a screen but in our day to day life, actions, and choices.

7.Ask questions and think critically. Not everything and everyone has your best interest in mind.

8.Everyone has different comfort levels in any situation. Respect boundaries and let people live their personal lives how they see best for themselves and families. Chances are we know little to none about most people’s situations/circumstances.

9.Stay connected to people. We are created to have relationships with others. Everyone struggles no matter how happy they are.

10.Fear is a powerful thing, but faith is even more powerful.

11.Life is precious.

12.Remove things that are hindering your health/happiness.

13.Have more conversations instead of arguments. Our differences can be a good thing if we allow them to be.

14.Things can be given and taken away in an instant. As much as we like to think we are in control, we really aren’t.

15.Our babies are constantly watching and learning from us whether it is intentional or not. Be mindful around them and pour into them what you want them to pour out to others and into this world.

16.Strive to be the change you seek. Words are only words.


As always, sending light and love!



Prenatal Appointments: 2nd Half (What to Expect)

I shared a post discussing what to expect with prenatal appointments for the first half of pregnancy (up until 20 weeks). Today I wanted to share visits for the second half. I am now 37 weeks and will be delivering in the next 3 weeks either naturally or by induction. Although, I would prefer not to be induced a second time, I just follow my doctor’s recommendations when it comes to anything delivery related. I learned with our older son that you truly have to just roll with it in that area and do what’s best for you and baby.

Appointments 20-40 Weeks

You will continue going in monthly until your doctor switches you to bi-weekly (some time in the third trimester) and then weekly around 36 weeks. If you do not have anything specific for an appointment they will generally just include a urine sample, vitals, heartbeat, belly measurement and questions/concerns with the doctor. My appointments were all around 15 minutes!

Fifth Appointment

After our 20 week anatomy scan, I went back at week 24 for my glucose test. This time around was a little different because I was actually given my drink to take at home before my appointment. My bloodwork was also done at my doctor’s office, which was not the case with our son. I drank my drink before the appointment, had my regular check-up as noted above, and then did my bloodwork (has to be an hour from drink). If something is flagged you will complete a second test that has a 3 hour window.

You can check out more on glucose on my IGTV.

Sixth Appointment

This was around week 28 and was a standard check up!

Seventh Appointment

This was around week 32 and was a standard check-up! My bi-weekly started after this appointment.

Eighth Appointment

This was week 34 where we had our third sonogram. Typically you will do your last one anywhere between 32-34 weeks, however my doctor wanted me to be closer to 34 to confirm if baby was going to stay head down. My husband got to go which is always so neat experiencing that together! They will take measurements and basically check everything they did at the anatomy scan, however it is much faster. I did my urine sample and vitals before the sonogram so after it was complete, my doctor came into the room to go over everything and ask about questions/concerns.

Ninth Appointment

This was week 36 for me where I also transitioned to weekly appointments. You will continue with your standard things like urine, vitals, heartbeat, however you will also begin cervix checks. Before your cervix check you will be swabbed for strep (if you are positive you are given antibiotics during birth) and the doctor will check dilation and effacement. I also did my last blood work at this appointment where they check everything before delivery.

Tenth-Twelfth Appointment

The next three appointments will include regular check up items and the cervix check. You may also talk about induction with your doctor if that is something they are recommending or wanting to discuss.

Stay tuned for delivery, recovery, and newborn life!

As always, sending light and love!



Third Trimester Recap: Pregnancy #2

As I am approaching the last few weeks of pregnancy, I thought I would recap this last trimester. You can check out my latest one here, or scroll through the pregnancy menu for different topics! I also have YouTube with different pregnancy videos! We are officially less than a month away, and getting so excited! This time around feels way more relaxed for a few reasons, which I am so thankful for. I definitely have a better understanding of what to expect not only with birth, but with a newborn in general AND I have a grasp on the bigger picture of seasons/stages which is extremely beneficial. I am ready whenever he is and so anxious to meet him and watch our son become a big brother!

I must say that this pregnancy has been great overall, aside from the first 10 weeks. I have been so blessed to have been able to exercise, eat balanced, and not have any major issues or concerns. I do feel like my body is taking it a little harder than four years ago, but that is to be expected. The third trimester begins week 28, so I will recap any symptoms or new experiences since that week.

The first couple weeks of the third trimester were great and little brother was moving like crazy! He has sat pretty low on my bladder since then, so sleeping through the night is few and far between. Around week 29 I did have a couple of days where my gums were inflamed and would bleed with brushing/flossing. I know this is something common many women have to keep an eye on with their dentist and monitor. Thankfully, it was only 2-3 days and then completely went away. Around this time, I also began to swell in the evenings…especially after walks. I did not experience any swelling with my older son, so this has been an ongoing and new experience for me.

My sweet friends hosted a sprinkle for me and our other girlfriend around week 30 which you can read about here! It was so nice to be together and still celebrate our little ones during a strange time. My workouts are about 5-7 days a week for 30 minutes and are a mixture of walks, cardio, and strength training. I started feeling the tiredness again around week 32 which has not gone away, but amplified. We had our last sonogram at 34 weeks, which was so fun! Our little guy is not so little and has been measuring “big” since his anatomy scan. He was around 6 pounds with a head full of hair, which is complete opposite of our older son!

Around this time I also started experiencing indigestion, which has been on and off. My back has also started to hurt and bother me throughout the day, so I am trying to listen to my body and no overdo it. I also have had a major sweet tooth the entire trimester, which I did not have the first time around!

As I am going into week 37 I basically have the same symptoms on and off aside from my gums/teeth. Although I am not the most comfortable, I am so thankful to be able to experience God’s miracles. It truly is the biggest gift and I do not take that lightly!

Now the question is…will he come on his own OR be kicked out like his older bro?

As always, sending light and love!