Weekly Cleaning + Chores

As I was getting ready for a new week, I started thinking about what I like to do once a week to prepare for the next. I have mentioned multiple times that I prefer to zone clean our home when I deep clean. You can read more on that here or watch here. I typically will deep clean the last week of each month to start a new month feeling refreshed. I will maintenance clean the remainder three weeks, typically on Sundays since I have my husband home.

I thought I would share my weekly cleaning and chores in case you are wanting to implement your own cleaning routine or schedule!


I like to run the vacuum through the entire house as well as mop. We have tile and wood throughout our home as well as small children so it can easily feel dirty.

2.Wipe Down

I like to do a general wipe down of all the counter tops and toilets. I typically wipe down the kitchen nightly, however it is nice to also get to the bathrooms on a weekly basis.

3.Emtpy Trash

Our trash comes on Monday so Sunday is a perfect time to collect all of the trash and empty it. I will get everything I can in our big trash can for the morning.


Although I feel like I am constantly doing laundry I will make sure to wash my husband’s work clothes and towels every Sunday in addition to any regular clothes that need to be washed.


I used to shop on Sundays, however now I aim for Friday or Saturday because it isn’t as hectic. We are big meal planners and eat almost everything at home so it is something I have to do each week.

Meal Planning Tips & Planning/Prepping Family Meals

As always, sending light and love.




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