Third Trimester Recap: Pregnancy #2

As I am approaching the last few weeks of pregnancy, I thought I would recap this last trimester. You can check out my latest one here, or scroll through the pregnancy menu for different topics! I also have YouTube with different pregnancy videos! We are officially less than a month away, and getting so excited! This time around feels way more relaxed for a few reasons, which I am so thankful for. I definitely have a better understanding of what to expect not only with birth, but with a newborn in general AND I have a grasp on the bigger picture of seasons/stages which is extremely beneficial. I am ready whenever he is and so anxious to meet him and watch our son become a big brother!

I must say that this pregnancy has been great overall, aside from the first 10 weeks. I have been so blessed to have been able to exercise, eat balanced, and not have any major issues or concerns. I do feel like my body is taking it a little harder than four years ago, but that is to be expected. The third trimester begins week 28, so I will recap any symptoms or new experiences since that week.

The first couple weeks of the third trimester were great and little brother was moving like crazy! He has sat pretty low on my bladder since then, so sleeping through the night is few and far between. Around week 29 I did have a couple of days where my gums were inflamed and would bleed with brushing/flossing. I know this is something common many women have to keep an eye on with their dentist and monitor. Thankfully, it was only 2-3 days and then completely went away. Around this time, I also began to swell in the evenings…especially after walks. I did not experience any swelling with my older son, so this has been an ongoing and new experience for me.

My sweet friends hosted a sprinkle for me and our other girlfriend around week 30 which you can read about here! It was so nice to be together and still celebrate our little ones during a strange time. My workouts are about 5-7 days a week for 30 minutes and are a mixture of walks, cardio, and strength training. I started feeling the tiredness again around week 32 which has not gone away, but amplified. We had our last sonogram at 34 weeks, which was so fun! Our little guy is not so little and has been measuring “big” since his anatomy scan. He was around 6 pounds with a head full of hair, which is complete opposite of our older son!

Around this time I also started experiencing indigestion, which has been on and off. My back has also started to hurt and bother me throughout the day, so I am trying to listen to my body and no overdo it. I also have had a major sweet tooth the entire trimester, which I did not have the first time around!

As I am going into week 37 I basically have the same symptoms on and off aside from my gums/teeth. Although I am not the most comfortable, I am so thankful to be able to experience God’s miracles. It truly is the biggest gift and I do not take that lightly!

Now the question is…will he come on his own OR be kicked out like his older bro?

As always, sending light and love!




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