Exercise While Traveling

My son and I recently spent the last week at my parent’s house to welcome my brother’s first child into the world. It was so nice to have a change of scenery after being home the last two months! They live on a beautiful wildlife reserve, so it is always feels like a mini vacation when we go. I always plan to exercise or workout when I travel/vacation, however sometimes that doesn’t happen the way I intended (which is okay). While I was there, I started thinking about what I have learned over the years to keep myself moving with travel. I thought I would share my top five tips today!

 I would love to know what has worked best for you!


1. Have A Game Plan

You do not have to have every single day laid out because that can be overwhelming and feel like a huge task (especially on a trip). However, having some type of plan will be extremely helpful in staying accountable with yourself. It can be a specific workout program you are following, something you created yourself, or classes you signed up for.

2. Take Advantage Of Where You Are

If you enjoy being outside, take advantage of where you are traveling to. Go for a hike in the mountains, jog on the beach, run the track around the boat. It’s so nice to move while getting fresh air and enjoying the place around you!

3. Choose A Good Time Of Day

Decide what time of day works best for you with whatever trip you are on. For example, if you have jam packed days, the mornings may work best before you exhausted at night. If your vacation is more relaxing, maybe mid-day or evenings are more desirable. Decide when you are going to incorporate exercise so you aren’t falling into the excuse trap each day.

4.Have A Buddy 

If possible, have someone join you! It is way more fun to exercise with someone else and gives you something to look forward to together.

5.Sign Up For Classes

If you regularly enjoy classes at home, find studios/classes you can sign up for while traveling (if applicable). When you pay for something, you are way more likely to follow through and classes are always a fun and different way to move or switch things up.

Bonus: Bring Equipment 

If you are traveling by car, bring some equipment if you won’t have access to any. I like to bring a heavy/medium set of dumbbells and resistance bands. Of course you can use your own body weight, however it is also nice to have a few things on deck.



What are some ways you stay accountable when you travel? 





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