Pregnancy & Exercise

As I was running the other, I began thinking about exercise during pregnancy and how it can be difficult to make it a priority. I am so thankful I was able to exercise with my first pregnancy consistently until delivery and plan to do the same with this one as well. Having a rough first trimester really puts things into perspective on the ability to move and use your body. It truly is such a gift. I thought I would share five things that really have helped me maintain healthy habits and routines during pregnancy, especially when it comes to exercise.

I would love to know what has worked or works best for you!

1.Create Healthy Habits Pre Pregnancy

This is probably my biggest piece of advice when it comes to anything pregnancy related. Any habits that have been created pre pregnancy are so easy to maintain during pregnancy if they are part of your “norm” or lifestyle. This includes eating habits, exercise routines, water intake, and sleep. If you truly have created a specific lifestyle, it will easily transfer over to different seasons, including post partum!

2.Sweet Spot

Finding your “sweet spot” during the day to exercise will eliminate excuses and reasons not to do it. I typically workout when my son is napping because it is a consistent time I have to myself. Definitely consider working out earlier, before the exhaustion sets in! Also keeping a consistent time will help you maintain consistency.

3.Have A Plan

Going to classes or following a specific program will help you stay on track and accountable. It eliminates the guess work or reasons to not do something. I am currently writing weekly plans using the Peloton app, but it truly can be whatever keeps you accountable.

4.Realistic Expectations

Keeping realistic expectations in mind will help with the mental aspect of things. Recognizing your limits and listening to your body will help you adjust and adapt as your body changes. Typically, you can do any type of exercise you were doing pre pregnancy and modify as needed.


Just like with anything else, if continuing exercise during pregnancy is important, you will find a way to make it happen. Set weekly goals for yourself and stick to the plan you created, while also maintaining those expectations!




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