Pregnancy Gift Guide: First Trimester

I recently gifted a pregnancy basket filled with random goodies and thought I would share things I like to include when congratulating someone on a pregnancy. I feel like many people like to gift things specific to the baby (which is great), however I like to be intentional about things for the Momma as well! What were some of your most used items during the first trimester?

1.Gatorade/Gatorade Zero

This was such an essential for me with the nausea! If the person you are gifting to does not like Gatorade you could always do a Vitamin Water or some type of powder to add to water that has some electrolytes (ex: liquid iv).

2.Jolly Ranchers

This also helped with my nausea, especially teaching early mornings. I know many women also like Preggie Pops!

3.Approved Medicines

I like throwing in some approved medicines that are pretty common or used during the first trimester such as Tylenol, B6/Unisom, Antacids, etc…

4.Button Down Pajamas

Pajamas are another easy go because they can be worn throughout with the belly, during the hospital and after. I like to size up 1-2 sizes as well as get a button option for skin to skin/nursing. Target always has great options!

5.Belly Butter

I loved using a belly butter and oil during and after my pregnancies! They help keep the skin hydrated while it is stretching and feel so good.

6.Maternity Staples

I love gifting basic maternity staples such as solid tees. Target has great ones with a wide color selection! You could also do leggings, sweats, etc depending on the season.

7.Parenting Book

There are so many great parenting books out there where you can choose one that fits the person’s personality. I recently gifted the book Crib Sheet!

8.Baby Books

As a former first grade teacher I absolutely love children’s books! I like to gift a couple of small board books, especially any from Sandra Boynton!

9.Water Tumbler

I have a few favorite water cups but my current favorite is linked here!

10.Baby Item

Throwing in 1-2 baby items along with the books is a nice way to show excitement for mom and baby! I feel like Sophie or Wubbanubs are always on baby lists!

I also have a pregnancy essentials video you can check out here for more ideas!

As always, sending light and love!




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