5 Tips To Staying Organized

With a new month upon us, I thought I would share my favorite ways to stay organized. Each one of these has become a habit that I don’t think too much about, however it took a lot of consistency in the beginning to make it a routine. I would love to know your top tips or things you do to stay on track!




1.Brain Dump (Weekly/Monthly) 

I think it is so beneficial to consistently write down everything that is on your mind as a “to-do” so it isn’t lingering over you. This can be done weekly or monthly, and only takes a few minutes. Write down anything and everything you have told yourself needs to get done either in a notebook or phone. This can include ALL aspects of your life such as personal, family, work, health/fitness, finances, etc.

2.Map Out Tasks

Once you have created your list of to-dos, decide when you are going to tackle each task and write it down like an appointment. You can write daily or weekly tasks from your main list, but create a plan of WHEN you are going to do it….and follow through!

3.Use A Calendar

Whether you prefer your phone or paper, write everything down in a calendar! It will keep you accountable and allow you to have a game plan for each month.

4.Create Systems/Routines

Create systems that work for you and your family. Some systems we have in place to keep us organized are…

  • Filing system for important documents (Paper Items)
  • Cleaning schedule to maintain home (Cleaning Schedule)
  • Mapping and planning meals for each week (Meal Planning Tips)
  • Monthly finance spreadsheet (savings, investments, giving…etc)
  • Workout calendars with a plan

5.Consistency & Follow Through

This is the hardest part, especially starting out. Focus on one area at a time until you are comfortable and then move to the next. Don’t overwhelm yourself with everything, but keep yourself accountable!

I hope everyone has a wonderful start to the month!




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