Deciding to Stay Home…


I was recently asked how I decided to stay home with our little, and it got me thinking about this past year. I will preface this by saying I know not every woman wants to stay home with their children OR is financially able to do so if they wanted to.  We are all on a different journey, and have to do what’s best for our own families and personal situations. I am extremely thankful I had the choice, but I think a few things contributed to being able to make it.

Throughout my pregnancy, I actually was set on working. I toured day cares and thought I would continue my career while adding a baby to the mix. Boy, did God have other plans! My husband and I both had moms in the home, so the idea of me staying home was nothing out of the ordinary and had been a topic of conversation on numerous occasions.

Once our son actually arrived my world was ROCKED. Everything I thought I wanted completely shifted, and my husband and I had some big decisions to make. Going back to work after maternity leave was a huge blessing. It solidified what I had been feeling and helped me gain more perspective. I knew leaving my career and going down to one income would be a hard adjustment and a BIG change. I was feeling every emotion possible, but I couldn’t shake what God was placing on my heart.

Thoughts that kept running through my head on a loop…

  • You never know until you try….give it at least a year
  • The scariest choices have the biggest reward
  • Nothing is permanent
  • You can always go back to a full-time job
  • You can always replenish money
  • Time will always pass….you will never be able to get it back

With those thoughts circling my mind, I knew what choice was best for our family, and I am thankful my husband 100% supported it.

As I mentioned earlier, I do believe a few things contributed to being able to make the decision a little easier, and I wanted to touch on those briefly.

  1. We were smart when purchasing our home. We purchased as if we were on 1 income in case I wanted to stay home in the future and were firm in the amount we wanted to spend.
  2. We lived in a 1 bedroom apartment for two years to SAVE…and bond:)
  3. We treated (still do) our savings like a bill and had a set amount each month
  4. We invested (still do) and also treated that like a monthly bill
  5. We worked (still do) with a financial adviser to constantly create goals and a plan

Finances aside, it is hard from all ends. Major props to ALL the Mommas out there doing their thing! YOU are truly AMAZING!

Stay tuned for more thoughts on the SAHM life…




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