10 Things That Help Me “Adult”: Part 1

As I was doing some of my routine “chores” this weekend, I began to think about small things I do or implement that simply help me to “adult”. Many of these I don’t even think twice about because they have become such a part of my norm. I thought it would be fun to share ten things that help me “adult” to give some ideas or considerations. Here are my first five….the second half will come later this week!

I would love to know anything you do!



I would be lost without a calendar! I use it for the three of us and write all important dates or to dos that I need to remember. I write down birthdays, appointments, trips, payments, and things to remember (ex: quarterly tax payments).  I keep a personal one as well as have a big one on our office desk so my husband can also see anything upcoming. I prefer seeing a month at a time so I can have a big picture idea and know of anything ahead. You can truly do what works best for you in this area with paper, digital, color coding, etc…

2.Cleaning System

I have always cleaned our home and used to try to knock it out all on the weekend, which was miserable. I felt like I spent the entire day cleaning and I resented it even more. I decided to chunk up our home or put it into “zones” so it wasn’t so overwhelming and gave me a small task each day. I felt like once our home was zoned I could actually deep clean each area and it only took me an hour or so, which was great! I now only deep clean once a month (the last week) and keep it tidy/spot clean the other 3 weeks.

Feel free to use my schedule here and make it your own: Zone Cleaning Schedule

3.Recipe Binder

My husband and I love to cook. We truly only eat out once or twice a month so we are constantly in the kitchen. Last year, he mentioned creating our own recipe book so we could keep everything in one place. I made a family recipe book for one of his Christmas gifts, and it was honestly one of the best things I have done. I have it in a sectioned binder and laminated each page on thick laminate so we could take it out and it could be easily wiped off. I prefer a binder just so I can easily add to it, however there are so many ways to keep recipes organized and in one place. It is a life saver when you just don’t know what to cook or make!

4.Simple Meal Prep

I used to be pretty intense about meal prepping, however now I just do the things that truly make things easier for us throughout the week. I plan out 4-5ish meals for a week (no specific days) to allow a night or two of leftovers or pickup. Do what truly works best for you and is obtainable/realistic!

5. Routines/Systems

Creating routines and systems in the home is a game changer! It allows me to complete tasks easily and efficiently simply because they are our house norm. It can be anything from laundry, working out, cleaning, bills/finances, paperwork, yard work, chores, meal planning, morning, evening, etc. Find what works best for you and your family and go for it!

Additional: Why I Value Routines

Stay tuned for the next five! 




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