Husband Easter Basket 2022

I recently shared ideas for our toddler and baby’s Easter baskets which you can check out below. I thought I would share what I am doing for my husband along with some simple ideas. This year my husband and I are sharing a basket, so I am keeping it minimal and practical. I would love to know if you like to gift your spouse anything for Easter and your go to items!

1.Swimsuit + Sunscreen

I have mentioned that our family receives a new swim suit for the season to continue my husband’s tradition growing up. I also give each person sunscreen to have a stock pile for the summer months.

2.Kitchen Items

My husband loves to cook and has mentioned a few small kitchen items. I went ahead and picked him up some new dish towels, small strainer, and pop strainer that he had on our family list. I tend to lean towards the practical and affordable items that we can actually use.

3.Thermal Mug

My husband loves to take a thermos of his coffee to work and has recently been drinking out of it around the house as well. I picked him up a Starbucks thermal mug to have for weekend mornings which I know he will get his use out of!

4.Basic T-Shirts

I have mentioned in gift videos that I tend to always throw in basic t-shirts for any of my husband’s gifts. He loves to lounge in them around the house so they are an easy go for him.

5.Golf Balls/Gloves

My husband loves to golf so gifting more balls and his favorite gloves are always appreciated. They are easy and something that will get used!

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As always, sending light and love.




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