Additional Gifts We Are Giving 2021

I recently shared what I am giving our family here. I personally like seeing what other people are doing because it helps spark ideas for people I am gifting to. I thought I would piggy back off those videos and share some additional ideas for people you may want to give a gift to this year. Our extended family is typically easy because most of them have an Amazon wish list that we can purchase from which is wonderful. I highly reccomend having some type of list other people can access for ideas!

You can also check out more ideas under my gift tab here. I would love to know anything you are excited about giving this year!

1.Teacher Shirt

This year, I am gifting some shirts from Etsy to both of my son’s teacher along with a Target gift card. I feel like it is always nice to do something thoughtful for teachers in addition to a gift card. As a former teacher, I loved receiving gift cards because I could purchase what I truly wanted or needed!

2.Photo Frame With App

If you are gifting for a parent or grandparent, a digital frame may be a really good option. There are multiple companies that have a corresponding app which is basically a shared photo album. Pictures that are uploaded to the app are shown on the frame. Multiple people can upload pictures and the frame is constantly showing current ones! These have a higher price point, so it could be a great combined gift with others.

3.Water Color

My mom requested a water color print of their house, which I thought was a great idea and something different! There are are many options of what you could choose to get a painting of for someone as well as hand painted or digital. A lot of times you can also add text or personal touches which is great.

4.Holiday Pajama Set

I love a good pajama set, especially fun ones for the holidays. It is always my go to for people I want to get a little something for, but don’t want to break the bank. I personally love Target, however there are so many amazing companies and brands. I also like adding a coffee gift card for the cozy vibe!

5.Photo Calendar

My sister gifted my mom a photo calendar easel last year, and I thought it was so cute. We had family pictures done that year, so I thought it was a perfect way to use the pictures and show case them. If you have family pictures done, something like this would be a great way to use them!

Stay tuned for what I am doing in our stockings on my You Tube. I would love for you to subsribe!

As always, sending light and love.




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