5 Family Routines

I recently shared some thoughts on having our second child, including some natural worries. You can check out that post here: 10 Thoughts Before Baby 2 . As I was thinking about the changes our family will make in a few months, I also started to think about the great things we already have in place. I feel like my husband and I have naturally created family routines that have become our “norm”. I am so grateful for those routines as we prepare for change because I feel like it keeps some stability and normalcy within out family.

I would love to know anything you do as a family that has become part of your day to day or things you are trying to implement!

1.Dinner At The Table

We eat dinner at the table no matter what. It is a time that has become special to us and a chance to be together distraction free. Even if my husband works late, my son and I still sit at the table to eat. I feel like it is so important to have those thirty minutes or so all together!

2.Same Bed Time

Even though I get up early to teach, my husband and I still go to bed at the same time. If one of us wants to stay up we will read or watch our IPAD in bed so we can still be together. It is nice being able to have that routine together and means alot!

3.Balance Kid Duties

One thing my husband and I try to do is alternate “duties” with our son. For example, if he does bath time, I will do bed time. I feel like this is so nice to just get a few minutes to ourselves. This will also be helpful when we add another little one because we can either divide it up where we each get a kiddo or keep the same routine but add in the baby!

4.Alternate Weekend Mornings

Once our son finished nursing around 18 months, we decided to alternate weekend mornings of sleeping in or getting up. This is something that seriously refreshes my entire week and has been the best for both of us. Whoever has that morning will typically bring coffee and breakfast to the other in bed or just allow that time to sleep in/relax. Our son knows it is that parent’s “quiet time” and does a great job with it! Of course I won’t have those mornings for awhile as I nurse our littlest son and do all of that, but they will definitely be implemented again once he is ready!

5.House Schedules

I have created “schedules” and “systems” of house chores over the years that have become our norm and pretty much automatic. For example, we have a cleaning schedule for our deep cleaning where we zone our house (cleaning schedule & zone cleaning), daily chores we each take care of, grocery shopping days, meal list and cooking duties, and more. Creating systems that work for us is so helpful in expectations and just the flow of house tasks.

As always, sending light and love!




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