Classroom Teacher to Online

     This year was a big year for our family. Not only did we have our first child, but I left my full-time teaching job to stay home with our son. Talk about an adjustment! I knew going in to it I needed something for myself that separated my day of full time mom mode. Teaching has always been a passion of mine and a part of me, so when I heard about doing it online I was intrigued.  I have now been online teaching for nearly 6 months and wanted to share my thoughts and first impressions. 


  • Complete control of schedule (no minimum hour requirements)
  • Home
  • Hours (when little is sleeping)
  • Short, easy to follow lessons (25 minutes)
  • Very little “prep” work (if any)
  • Good pay
  • 1:1 classes
  • Can open up short notice classes for extra pay (less than 24 hour booking)
  • Anyone with a bachelor’s degree can do it
  • Training/workshops readily available
  • Various levels (allows you to teach in your “sweet” spot if you choose)
  • Teacher portal and app which houses everything and keeps it all in one place


  • Internet connections or problems (your end or student)
  • Hours (some may not like working mornings or evenings)
  • Bookings or classes can fluctuate
  • May take a little time to “build” schedule or gain regulars
  • Taxes are not taken out (independent contractor)
  • Set up costs (classroom background, a few props, headset…)

     Overall, I have had a GREAT experience. I love working with kids, and think it is incredible I get to connect with them across the world through a screen. It took me about a month or so to get “regulars” and now I am consistently booked with my typical students. I work anywhere from 5am-8am (or 9am with time change) depending on the day or week and always take 1-2 days off.

     I appreciate the shorter lessons and think the content is spot on. I honestly enjoy earlier mornings and am so grateful I can work a couple of hours before my child even wakes up. Creating my own schedule is probably the biggest thing working part-time. I absolutely love that I can work when I want and how much I want with the consistency and stability. I am excited to continue this journey and am thankful for the experience!



If you are curious or interested in possibly teaching online, please contact me. I would be happy to help in any way possible, or answer any questions you may have. You do not have to be a teacher or have teaching experience.


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