20 Lessons In 2020

As we are winding down 2020 and I am setting new goals and creating a vision board for 2021, I naturally reflect on the year as a whole. You can check out more on vision boards and goal setting here: Goal Setting: Top 5 Tips, Creating Vision Boards, Vision Board & Goal Setting 2021.

Today I wanted to share my take aways from this year. Although the year was one for history books, I truly believe it was one of the biggest years for growth, perspective, and awakening.

Below are my top twenty take aways for 2020! I would love to know any of yours!

1.Happiness has nothing to do with anything external and never will.

2.Find the blessings in the every day…there are more than you realize.

3.Start each day with gratitude.

4.It is all about perspective.

5. We get to choose how we handle and respond to things and get to make that choice day in and day out.

6.Our health is our greatest gift. Take care of your mind, body and spirit. Make it a priority.

7.Relationships are everything…take the time to grow and nurture them.

8.Tell people you love and appreciate them.

9.Do things for others.

10.Take care of yourself by finding what keeps you full.

11.As a parent, you set the tone and energy for your home each and every day.

12.Our struggles could be considered someone else’s blessings.

13.Each person is valuable and needed for different reasons.

14.Happy people struggle too. Don’t neglect those people.

15.You are capable of more than you think you are.

16.Ask for help if you need it. There are some amazing people in this world and incredible resources.

17.Get fresh air.

18.Don’t underestimate the power of routine in your personal life and home.

19.Wordly things just don’t matter.

20.Be a light. We need more of it.

Bonus: The little things ARE the big things.

Hope everyone has a healthy and happy holiday! Sending love and light!




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