Baby Products We Use At 9 Months

Our son recently turned nine months and is changing by the day! We are loving this stage he is in and trying to soak it all in. I shared some info on wellness checks you can check out here: Baby Wellness Checks 3-9 Months: What To Expect.

I have also shared items we are actually using in each stage since there are so many products marketed for babies. We try to be as minimal as possible and practical with anything we do decide to purchase. You can check out previous items here: Baby Products We Use At 6 Months, Baby Products We Use At 4 Months, Baby Products We Used For 12 Weeks Or Less, Newborn Essentials: First 6 Weeks (video), and Newborn Essentials: First 2 Weeks (video). I will note the products we are still using so I do not repeat anything!

Items We Are Still Using: Diapers/Wipes, Changing Mat, Crib, Car Seat, Stroller, Burp Cloths (occasionally), Sleep Sacks, Nursing Supplies, Ergo Carrier, Bumbo, Activity Center (occasionally), Door Jumper, Highchair, Feeding Utensils, Water Cup, Teethers, and Toys. Links to the products we use are in the corresponding posts.

Additional Items

1.Activity Table

Our son is on the move and loves pulling up on everything. We used this activity table with our older son, and our younger also loves it. I always have it against something to prevent sliding.


Our son wants to walk so bad and is starting to scale the furniture. We have shown him a walker that our oldest used, and he thinks he is somebody when he uses it. We monitor the entire time, and he is not using for extended periods of time!

3.Suction Plates & Bowls

We love using suction plates and bowls when serving our son table food. It helps prevent some mess, although eating is messy no matter what!


This was the first month our littlest didn’t feel well so I am thankful I had some things on hand. I know you can’t use much, however items I did utilize were Motrin (6 months +), Boogie Wipes, Nose Sucker, and Baby Vicks Lotion.

5.Push Car

We love going on walks as a family, however did not invest in a double stroller since our older son is 4. We were gifted a fun push car for Christmas and the boys love it! They think it is so fun, and we use it almost daily!

Bonus: Solids App

Since our son is being introduced to solids, I personally enjoy using Solid Starts for guidance on appropriate serving sizes for his age. I know there are so many resources out there for anything baby related, however I personally find this the easiest for our family!

I will share what we are using around the one year mark next!

As always, sending light and love.



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