Family Advent Calendar Tips

I have shared how we do our family advent calendar in a post, video, and some IGTVs. You can check those out here: Bridwell Family Advent Calendar 2019, Family Advent 2020 (video), Week One Activities, and Week Two Activities (IGTV). I am continuing the tradition this year, however now have another child in the mix. It has become such a fun tradition to do in the month of December and allows the perfect opportunity to create special memories with the boys. I thought I would share some things I have learned while doing this the last two years that make things easier on me as I plan each week and activity. I would love to know any traditions your family has or loves doing during this time of year!

  • Have a general idea of when you want to do certain things. For example, you may have to see Santa on a weekend or incorporate activities with the entire family on non working days.
  • Make a list of activities you are wanting to do and then map out in a calendar for a general overview.
  • Look up any fun activities or things to do in your city.
  • Collect any items needed early (ex: new pajamas, crafts, ornaments, etc).
  • Write slips one week at a time so you can change things around and be flexible if needed.
  • Have something reusable for anything your children open .
  • Make it exciting and special!

Our son LOVES doing advent calendar and looks forward to it this time of year. He has already been talking about when we get to start!

As always, sending light and love.




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