2021 Father’s Day Gift Ideas

With Father’s Day less than a month out, I figured I would share some gift ideas that have been favorites over the years or are a little outside of the box from things you can buy at the store. I try to stay reasonable price wise with gifting, so most are very affordable/simple options. You can also check out my men’s gift videos below for more! I would love to know some of your favorites throughout the years or what you plan to do this year.

1.Round Of Golf

If you know someone who enjoys golfing, gifting a round is always a nice gesture and something they will enjoy. You can do a course favorite or somewhere they have never played! You can also pair a gift certificate with new golf balls and/or gloves!

Favorite Gloves & Balls

2.Variety Pack Beer/Wine

If you know someone who enjoys trying different beverages, gifting a variety or sampler pack of beer/wine is always fun! I know many grocery stores offer something like this which also makes it easy and convenient! If you want to add a little more, you could pick up nice steaks to grill at home.

3.Coffee/Tea Sampler

Creating your own sample pack or purchasing a gift box from a subscription service could be another fun and different idea. Some services also pair foods with drinks which is unique. I like using Bean Box for both and have enjoyed a variety of their gift boxes! You could also add in a fun mug with kid’s faces or an inside joke.


If you know someone who enjoys grilling, new seasonings are always fun to try! You can pick out personal favorite or curate your own variety. They also have boxes like this, which is fun and different. You could always pair with a thermometer, cook book, or meat for a nice dinner in!

5.Date Night Or Something For Hobby

If you are gifting for your husband, a date night or something towards their hobby is always an easy and appreciated go to!

More Ideas Here… I would love for you to subscribe!

As always, sending light and love.




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