Road Trip Hacks

Awhile back I shared some tips when traveling with a toddler by car. You can check those out here: Toddler Travel Tips: Car. Today I wanted to follow up with more road trip hacks, since that is the only type of travel we have done this year. My son and I have definitely gotten our little routine down, which is extremely helpful!

I would love to know anything that works well for your family!

1.Find Sweet Spot Time

I have played around with leaving at different times to try and have my son nap at some point in the car since we are far from both sets of parents (and friends). I used to leave mid morning before his nap, however I have now found that if I leave early morning he will sleep while it is still dark outside. It has been so nice to have that quiet time until we stop for breakfast. Finding the perfect time for your kids or family is such a game changer!

2.Plan Stops

With our son being potty trained, we have had to be more mindful about stopping to use the restroom. I have a designated half way spot that we go to when traveling to my parents or my in laws. Designating stops also allows them to know when they get to stretch, potty, and eat. I also really like knowing where I will be stopping with Covid going on this year.

3.Purchase New Toys For Activity Bag

In my last post, I mentioned having a designated bag of toys/books/activities that are easily accessible during a trip. I have realized that purchasing a couple of new items for a trip can be extremely exciting and entertaining. It can anything from a water wow, to a coloring book, to a new vehicle. It helps them pass the time since it is something new for them to experience.

4.Snacks For New Place

In my last post, I mentioned having a snack/food bag for the car. Brining and planning snacks for the actual destination can also be helpful. It is nice to have familiar snack items to eat if your child wakes up early or is hungry in between meals. I also like packing things for myself as well!

5.Laundry Bag/Pods

I bring a small bag that I collect our dirty clothes in with every road trip. I like having things separated and together when it is time to wash. If we are going to be somewhere longer than a few nights, I bring our own laundry pods to do a load while we are there.

Who is traveling for the holidays? I hope everyone stays healthy and safe!




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