Financial Lessons: Part Two

Last week I shared five financial lessons we have learned in our marriage and twenties. You can read the first five here: Financial Lessons We Learned In Our Twenties. Today I wanted to share the remainder!

Disclaimer: I am not a professional! These are things I have learned in my twenties that have been beneficial for our family. If you are serious about changing your finances, please seek a professional. They are amazing at what they do!

bridwells 2

6. Consider Additional Accounts

Consider having multiple accounts or investment opportunities aside from your standard checking and savings account. Some things to consider are a high interest savings account, mutual funds, stock, college funds/ accounts for children, etc. This is something we have been diligent about since we got married and continue to make a priority.

7. Have a Mutual Understanding of Spending/Budget 

My husband and I are not “spenders” by nature, however we have an understanding of prices or things that need to be discussed before purchasing. I would suggest having an amount that calls for a conversation, or setting aside “fun” money for each individual to use to their pleasing. Be on the same page as a family, and do what works best for you!

8. Create Yearly Goals

This will help so much with sustaining current goals and making sure your family is on track. We like to re-asses every year and see what changes we have made and what we want to make happen moving forward. Our goal this past year was to purchase my car and pay majority/all cash.

9. Hire/Meet With a Professional

If you are able to, meet with a third party who has an outside perspective and can facilitate important conversations. We have been meeting with our advisor for 4 years, and can’t imagine not having his help and guidance!

10. Track!

This is hard to keep up with, but so important to see your progress/goals AND for you to be aware of your spending/savings. I keep an excel sheet where I track accounts monthly just to have a visual for us to look at.


What are some of your financial musts? I would love to know!




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