Online Teaching & Taking Time Off

I recently took 2.5 weeks off from teaching to enjoy the holiday season and adjust to my husband’s travel schedule. It is the longest I have taken off since starting my online journey, however was exactly what I needed! I wanted to share things to consider when taking time off since teaching online differs from standard jobs. I am extremely grateful to have a job where I completely dictate my schedule and do not need approval to have the time I need. If you are ever interested in pursing online teaching, I would be more than happy to help or answer any questions. You can also check out my teaching videos on my YouTube channel: Jaclyn Bridwell

Things To Consider With Time Off 

1. Update Your Availability

I think it is important to show you are taking time off on your schedule, so parents are aware that you are “off” and not slowly fading out or dropping your normal time slots. When you update your calendar you can note the reason if you want parents to be aware or mark as personal.

2.Give Parents Advance Notice

If you teach primarily regulars, let parents know you will be taking time off. For example, if a parent priority requests you during your leave you can decline and add a comment saying “I will be traveling until…I look forward to resuming my regular schedule…” You can also make a note of your time off in your student feedback!

3. Open Up Future Slots In Advance

Whenever you are start back up, open up those times as soon as you can. Parents book 2 weeks out so they will be looking for appropriate weeks.

4. Keep Times Consistent

Once you build a base of regular students they will be looking for their same days and times. If your schedule stays consistent, it is easy to schedule them back in!

5. Time Off Is Unpaid

Remember you are an independent contractor, so if you are not teaching you are not earning an income (aside from referrals).




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