The Secret Sauce

I was recently thinking about my vision and goals for this year. I personally look at my vision board every day since it is the background on my computer, so I am constantly reminded of the things I want to make a priority. You can read more about goal setting and vision boards here:Vision BoardsGoal Setting: Top 5 Tips

Although this year has thrown us a huge curve ball, I feel like I am still making great progress on many goals/visions I set for myself.  I started to think about what was causing me to achieve those goals, taking into account the strange circumstance and situation we are all facing. I realized there is one common thread among everything I want to achieve and is kind of the “secret sauce” to making things happen…


I have realized that for most things the secret sauce is simply consistency.  The small actions taken over time accumulate into the bigger picture or goal. It is the discipline and steps we take day in and day out that truly help us get to where we want to be. I feel many of us have such an “instant gratification” mindset, simply because most things are obtainable quickly and easily.  However our goals and big picture dreams do not happen overnight. They may take months or even years to obtain which can be difficult to keep in mind.

Think about those goals that rely on consistency. You don’t magically become healthy and fit after one good day, week, or even month. Your savings account isn’t where you would like it to be after one paycheck. Your debt isn’t typically gone with one payment. A habit or routine isn’t established after a few days of implementing it. You aren’t established in your career within your first year or two. Your child doesn’t know the expectation for something after modeling it once. All of these things take time and the discipline to stay consistent with the steps that need to be taken.

It truly is so simple, yet requires repeated actions on our part. Once you are there though, it sure is sweet!

What are some things you are trying to stay consistent? I would love to know!




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