6 Months Postpartum & Top 3 Lessons

Our youngest son recently turned six months which is hard to believe. As we hit different milestones, I couldn’t help but think about the first year in general and what I have learned with both of our boys. I thought I would share the top three things I learned with our older son that I have applied to our younger. I would love to know any of yours!

1.Do Things In Your Timing

I feel like motherhood is a very interesting topic, because it is something that people have many strong opinions on. I truly believe every mom is trying to do what is best for their babies, which looks different in each family. Motherhood is beautiful but creates a lot of new emotions and feelings, especially the first time.

Recognizing that I had to do things in my own time helped with any anxieties. With our second son I didn’t feel like I had to immediately start pumping or building a stash like I did with our first. I waited until 6ish weeks when I felt like it was appropriate for us. I didn’t leave our older son overnight for 11 months, while our younger son was 5. We decided to sleep train our younger son right at 4 months, while we waited until 9ish with our first. You know when you and your baby are ready to do things, so do them in your own time.

2.Rest Is Vital

If there is one thing I have learned, it is that rest is essential. Both of our boys LOVE nursing. Our older son was a 2 hours on the dot kind of guy, and our younger one is exactly the same. Since they are getting so much during the day, I recognized they didn’t need the calories at night. Because of this we decided to sleep train so much earlier this time around and I can’t explain the difference it makes. Being rested makes me a better mom. I have more patience, energy, and am happier. I don’t go to bed anxious about how much sleep I am going to get. It truly makes such a difference. We also moved both boys into their own room when they turned 4 months, per the doctor’s recommendation which also makes a difference. I recommend discussing sleep with your doctor!

3.You Are In A Season

This time around, I have the perspective I lacked with our first. Recognizing and understanding that you are in a season helps keep the bigger picture in mind. Although some things feel like they will never end when you are in the thick of it…they will. Talk to people who are also in it or have gone through it. Find people who will listen, offer advice when asked, and just support you! It goes by fast!

As always, sending light and love.




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