5 Ways To Become A Morning Person

If you know me personally, you know I am one hundred percent a morning person. I would much rather get up early and get my day started than stay up late. I find if I stay up late, I am just wasting time or mindlessly doing something. I usually start my day around 4:30am to teach for a couple hours as well as have an hour to myself to get whatever I want/need done before “mom mode” begins (8:00am).

I thought I would share five things that have helped me become a morning person over the years! I know a lot of people are working at home and trying to utilize their time or get things done in the morning.

I would love to know what works for you! Are you an early bird or night owl?

1. Choose An Alarm Time

Decide a time you are going to wake up and make it consistent throughout the week. Be realistic with the time set depending on what you want to accomplish. For example, if you only want to get a workout in, waking up 3 hours before your day starts probably isn’t necessary. Consistency is key, so if you can strive to wake up at the same time Monday-Friday it will help with creating a natural routine.

2.Have A Purpose/Reason

Decide and understand why you are wanting to wake up early. If there is no clear reason or purpose then you probably won’t stay consistent with it. Maybe you want to exercise, work on your business, or have time to journal/pray/meditate. Know the why behind it!

3.No Snooze

If you know you are terrible at snoozing your alarm, set your phone on the other side of the room to force yourself out of bed. I personally set 3 alarms 5 minutes apart so I get bothered enough to make myself get up.

4.Prep Night Before

Prep what you need to the night before for whatever you are doing. For example, this could be classes that you are teaching, coffee/food you are eating, workout clothes or equipment you are using. The less you have to do the better!

5.Create Ritual/Routine

Create a morning ritual or routine that you genuinely get excited about. Maybe it is sitting alone and drinking a cup of hot coffee, peacefully praying, having a loved breakfast item or snack. Find something small that brings you joy and incorporate it into your mornings!

As always, sending light and love!




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