Waking Up The Day

A couple of months ago I shared some things I do every night to put the house to bed, or to prepare myself for the next day. You can check out that post here: Putting The House To Bed. Today I wanted to share some things I do to start the day on a positive note or “wake up” the day.

I would love to know anything you do the night before or in the morning to make the start of your day as smooth as possible!


1.Get Up Early

I have mentioned before that I typically wake up before the rest of the house. It is something I got used to doing with teaching early English classes and have continued doing even on my non teaching days. I love having a quiet house and time to do what I want to do. It makes such a difference not frantically waking up minutes before you are supposed to do something (ex: wake up the kids, get dressed for work, workout, etc). I look forward to that time and appreciate it so much.

2.Be Intentional With Quiet/Alone Time

I have shared some routines I enjoy doing in the mornings that get me in good mindset and my day started on a positive note. I personally enjoy listening to a faith based training, reading my Bible, and writing in a gratitude journal. This can look different for everyone. Find out what fuels your spirit or gets you mentally ready for the day and integrate that into your quiet time.

IGTV: Morning Routine

3.Organize/Prep Anything Needed 

I mentioned that I try to prep as much as possible the night before, however some things have to be done in the morning. I use the last 10-15 minutes of “me” time to get my son’s breakfast together, make my husbands smoothie, pack up his last minute lunch items, etc. It is so nice not feeling rushed with “to-dos” and being able to complete tasks peacefully and joyfully.

4.Brain Dump

I am a huge believer in writing things down and organizing/prioritizing things to do. I feel like life can get extremely overwhelming if there is no game plan. Making a to do list and then prioritizing what needs to get done that day can help you remained focused and intentional with your time. Pick 3 things a day so it isn’t too much and give yourself grace along the way!

5.Create Joy

We all have different things that make our heart and spirit happy. Do something that starts your day in a place of happiness and joy. Sit and enjoy that cup of coffee of tea. Complete a workout without any interruptions. Take a hot shower. Do simple things that start your day in a positive space to carry over throughout!

What are some things you do to start the day? 



Amazon Toddler Finds

I have recently shared some of my favorite Amazon finds for health, a cozy night in, clothing, and hubby. Today I thought I would end with sharing some of my favorite toddler items. You can check out my previous posts here: Amazon Health FindsAmazon Cozy FindsAmazon Hubby Finds.

What are some of your favorite Amazon or online purchases? I would love to know!


1.Wake Up Clock

I have mentioned using this clock in another post, but we absolutely love it for our two year old. You can set a “sleep” time and “wake up” time so your child can start to learn when morning is. There is also an option to have only the light change with no sound (what we prefer). We started using this to prepare our son for his big boy bed and what the expectations are when he can roam around his room.


Amazon: Clock


I started cutting our son’s hair in March and have continued cutting it a couple of times a month. I have really enjoyed this set and also use a spray water bottle. You can check out more about his hair cuts here: Toddler Hair Cut.


Amazon: Scissors/Comb

3.LEGO Sets

Our son has started playing with LEGOS and loves it! We have the original kind as well as the bigger blocks and he loves both. It is something fun for him and my husband to do together and easy to store. If he is playing with the smaller pieces we always make sure we are monitoring him!

Untitled    Untitled

Amazon: Classic Lego Set                                   Amazon: Bigger Set


We love using play-doh and creating different things. This kit comes with different tools and shapes which is so nice and easy to clean up. We have definitely gotten some good use out of it! We also use the tools with kinetic sand which is fun!Olad


Amazon: Play-Doh

5.Olaf Set

I bought this for my son as an Easter present and he was obsessed! He thought it was so fun changing out all of the parts and still loves playing with it. It definitely has been one of his favorite toys! All of the pieces store in a back compartment which is nice.


Amazon: Olaf




Budgeting Categories

If you know me well, you know I take care of all of our family finances. It is something I truly enjoy doing and find interesting. I have shared a few financial posts that you can check out here: Financial Lessons We Learned In Our TwentiesFinancial Lessons: Part Two5 Tips To Saving Money.

Today I wanted to share our budgeting categories and how we set up our spending. This was based off of meetings with our financial advisor and the categories discussed. It will definitely look different for every family and can be tailored to individual needs. We primarily use it to see the “big picture” in a month span. It is incredible to see and be aware of how much “spending/free money” is left at the end of the month after all bills, savings, investments, etc.


What are some of your favorite ways to track your finances? I would love to know!


Living Expenses: ANY and all bills you have (including loan payments).

Insurance: All insurance including renters (if applicable) that is paid separately/monthly. Does not include anything automatically taken out of paychecks.

Savings/Investments: Anything paid for monthly that is separate from automatic deductions (ex: 401K).

Once you write out all of your expenses you will automatically get a sense of how much you have leftover each month. This will allow you to be aware, take ownership, and come up with a game plan if needed! You do not need anything fancy to track your finances or goals. I am a big advocate of keeping it as simple as possible!