Favorite Toddler Craft Activities

As I am beginning my Christmas shopping, I started thinking about activities or craft like things my son enjoys that I like to gift others. I personally like having non toy options and things to do with my kiddos. I also like gifting things similar to these because I never know what toys other kids have. I thought I would share my top five items that are my standard go tos. I would love to know anything your kids love!

1.Kinetic Sand

My older son loves kinetic sand and the different kits. Although it is messy, it is so much fun and an easy gift to give. I like to purchase different kits, or bags of sand!


I feel like playdough is always a good go to! There are so many fun kits, tools and colors that it stays a classic activity for kids. I like purchasing different kits and adding in some fun colors!

3. Mosaic Sticker Art

My son received these last year and absolutely loved them! They are not only fun, but also great for motor skills and zero mess!

4.Puffy Sticker Book

I mentioned these in my travel post here. These are such a great activity for toddlers and can be used multiple times. It is also a great stocking stuffer or addition to any gift!

5.Water Wow

I also mentioned these in my travel post, but I think they are so amazing! Once again there is no mess and an easy addition for a larger gift (I like to tape to the outside) or stocking stuffer. I like to purchase sets to add to multiple gifts for kids!

What are some of your favorite items?

As always, sending light and love!



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5 Things I Do After A Trip

I recently shared some things I like to do before we go on a trip. You can check out that post here: 5 Things I Do Before A Trip. I thought I would also share some things I like to do after a trip or on the day we return.

I would love to know anything you like to do!


I mentioned in my IGTV Family Packing Go Tos that I like to take a laundry bag when we travel so I can separate our clothes and immediately throw them in the wash when we return. I am low maintenance when it comes to clothes and generally wash almost everything together (aside from towels, sheets, work clothes). If I am able to, I wash before we return so it is one less thing for me to do!


If we are on a family trip, I usually meal plan and make our grocery list on the car ride home while my husband drives. Since we leave early in the mornings on travel days, I am able to run to the store the day we return and stock up the fridge and pantry. You can check out some of our staples below!

3.Check Credit/Debit

I typically check our banking daily, however I think it is so important to double check accounts after a trip. We have had some strange charges that I was immediately able to catch because of this!

4.Movement & Hydration

We love going on family walks, and try to make it a priority on days we have been in the car. It feels so good to move your body after sitting for such a long time. My husband and I also make sure we are drinking plenty of water on travel days!

5.Early Bed Time

Since our schedule is thrown when we travel, we make it an early bed time night for the entire family. I try to get everything unpacked and taken care of so I can get into bed shortly after we put the boys down!

As always, sending light and love!



Encouraging Sleep In Babies

As our son approaches 5 months, we are really focusing on a solid and consistent sleep schedule. We had a couple of weeks that were extremely hard due to the 4 month regression, teeth, and a leap (I assume). After going through that, we knew it was time to get serious about a solid routine to benefit everyone. I wanted to share what has worked for both of our boys with setting up a good routine. Of course, every family and baby is different so you have to do what works best for you!

I would love to know what has worked well for you!

1.Decide Method

Deciding how you are going to go about “training” or implementing sleep can be overwhelming. There are SO many resources, methods, and opinions when it comes to sleep. I think it is so important to have conversations with your spouse and decide what you want to do and be on the same page not only with night sleep but naps and wake-ups.


Once you and your spouse lay ground rules and are on the same page, consistency is key with babies (or any child) learning.

3.Create Good Environment

This looks different for each family but for us it includes a dark room (black out curtains), fan for white noise, ceiling fan, and comfortable house temperature.

4.Laying Down Awake

Laying babies down awake is key when having them learn how to put themselves to sleep or soothe. Once they figure it out, it truly is magic!


Babies go through so much within the first year, having a flexible mindset helps so much with keeping a good routine while also catering to your child’s needs.

As always, sending light and love!