Pregnancy Gift Guide: First Trimester

I recently gifted a pregnancy basket filled with random goodies and thought I would share things I like to include when congratulating someone on a pregnancy. I feel like many people like to gift things specific to the baby (which is great), however I like to be intentional about things for the Momma as well! What were some of your most used items during the first trimester?

1.Gatorade/Gatorade Zero

This was such an essential for me with the nausea! If the person you are gifting to does not like Gatorade you could always do a Vitamin Water or some type of powder to add to water that has some electrolytes (ex: liquid iv).

2.Jolly Ranchers

This also helped with my nausea, especially teaching early mornings. I know many women also like Preggie Pops!

3.Approved Medicines

I like throwing in some approved medicines that are pretty common or used during the first trimester such as Tylenol, B6/Unisom, Antacids, etc…

4.Button Down Pajamas

Pajamas are another easy go because they can be worn throughout with the belly, during the hospital and after. I like to size up 1-2 sizes as well as get a button option for skin to skin/nursing. Target always has great options!

5.Belly Butter

I loved using a belly butter and oil during and after my pregnancies! They help keep the skin hydrated while it is stretching and feel so good.

6.Maternity Staples

I love gifting basic maternity staples such as solid tees. Target has great ones with a wide color selection! You could also do leggings, sweats, etc depending on the season.

7.Parenting Book

There are so many great parenting books out there where you can choose one that fits the person’s personality. I recently gifted the book Crib Sheet!

8.Baby Books

As a former first grade teacher I absolutely love children’s books! I like to gift a couple of small board books, especially any from Sandra Boynton!

9.Water Tumbler

I have a few favorite water cups but my current favorite is linked here!

10.Baby Item

Throwing in 1-2 baby items along with the books is a nice way to show excitement for mom and baby! I feel like Sophie or Wubbanubs are always on baby lists!

I also have a pregnancy essentials video you can check out here for more ideas!

As always, sending light and love!



6 Months Of No News

At the beginning of the year my husband and I decided to get rid of TV. We realized we were only watching the news in the mornings and some kid shows here and there. We decided to keep some streaming services and resume TV once college football started back up. Even though I didn’t watch much live TV to begin with, not having it felt strange for some reason. I had enjoyed my morning routine of coffee, news, and play time for the boys. It has now been over six months and I have realized that not having that hour of news in the morning has made a huge difference in my mental health, especially with everything that has happened this past year.

I wanted to share what I have realized by not watching any type of main stream news (still will read articles to keep up) over the last half year. These are just personal reflections, so take them with a grain of salt. Do you still watch the news? I would love to know!

  • You are consuming what they want you to consume… it is hard (if possible) to truly find non-biased sources now days.
  • For every side to a story, there is always another. It is good to learn both and to be able to think critically and form your own thoughts/opinions.
  • There is constant negativity/fear being thrown at us. This is the mindset I would be in starting my day…
  • Stories are on repeat day in and day out so those thoughts/feelings start to become at the forefront of our minds.
  • News outlets are constantly reviewing analytics and recognizing what increases watch time and what doesn’t just like any business would.
  • Many people take stories or information as the end all be all without asking a single question. Why is that?

I am so thankful that I stepped away from constantly consuming main stream and had time to shift my mentality and get in a better head space. I am not against the news, I just had the time to reflect and notice the change in my personal life!

As always, sending light and love.



Marriage Year Six: What I Wouldn’t Change About Our Wedding

My husband and I recently celebrated our six year wedding anniversary. As I was looking through pictures and videos from that weekend, I began thinking about things I am so thankful we did. I thought I would share those today and would love to know anything you are thankful for from your wedding day or weekend!

You can also check out my previous marriage posts here: 3 Things We Do In Our Marriage & 3 Things We Do In Our Marriage: Part Two.

1.All The Girls Together

Since my husband and I got married down the road from my parent’s house my bridal and house party all stayed at their house Thursday & Friday night. I am so thankful we were able to spend that time together and that my parent’s had the space for everyone!

2. Bridal Lunch

I know not everyone wants a bridal lunch the day before, however I am so glad my mom hosted one. Once again it was at my parents, so most girls were there aside from family and close family friends who joined.


Our venue typically hosted the ceremony and reception, however my husband and I are pretty traditional and really wanted our ceremony in a church. I am so happy we went that route and were indoors. Texas summers are no joke when it comes to the heat!

4.Parents In Ceremony

We really wanted all four of our parents to have a part in the actual ceremony so we asked both moms to read a scripture and my father in law to play a song on the guitar. My dad walked me down the aisle. I am so thankful they were all a part of it.

5.No First Look

This is not a popular opinion, but I am still thankful we did not do a first look. Although I absolutely love them for other people and think they are amazing, we wanted a more traditional approach. I think there is something so special about your soon to be husband seeing you for the first time walking down the aisle.

Looking back I realize that the details people can easily get caught up in truly don’t matter. People remember the feeling and energy from that day/weekend which is what is most important!

As always, sending light and love!