Favorite Netflix Series

With most of us being at home, I thought I would share some of my favorite series on Netflix that I have really enjoyed over the years. Some of my favorites aren’t offered any more on Netflix, so I will not list them below. There are now so many different options for streaming services, it can be overwhelming when deciding what to watch. My husband and I are currently watching all of the Star Wars movies in order on Disney Plus, and look forward to our nights together! I figured Netflix would be the easiest to share since the majority of people have it.

I would love to know some of your favorites or recommendations! I love having a series to watch!


Feel Good/Easy Watches

  • Grace & Frankie
  • Shitts Creek
  • New Girl
  • Jane The Virgin
  • Hart Of Dixie
  • Gilmore Girls
  • Workin Moms

Science Fiction

  • Outlander (historical drama)
  • Stranger Things
  • Lucifier
  • Vampire Diaries
  • Charmed (original)


  • Breaking Bad
  • Scandal
  • Grey’s Anatomy
  • Dead To Me
  • Ozark
  • Reign
  • Gossip Girl
  • YOU
  • House Of Cards
  • Bloodline
  • Orange Is The New Black


  • Shameless
  • Good Girls

Comic/Super Hero

  • Arrow
  • Flash


  • Dexter
  • How To Get Away With Murder
  • Riverdale

Toddler Favorites

  • Word Party
  • Masha & The Bear
  • Mother Goose Club


If you want more of my thoughts on a show you are debating watching, please let me know and I can give more info on it or a series overview. As always, I hope everyone is staying healthy and safe during this time.




At Home Schedule

With the current situation of our world, most of us are trying to find some type of new structure or routine for our families and children. Even though I stay home with my toddler son, I have had to restructure our days since we are not leaving the house until it is safe not only for us, but for others. Typically we leave the house at least once a day for play dates, activities, errands, lunches, etc so I have had to be more creative in what our new “normal” looks like.

Not everyone loves routines or schedules and that is perfectly okay! We all have to do what works best for us and our families, especially right now. I personally like to have some type of structure (with flexibility) with my son to keep me accountable. You can read why I value routines here: Why I Value Routines.

I thought I would share what our days are currently looking like and give suggestions/options for different ages. I will also note good times when you can get your own work done, complete house chores, or just have a second to be!

We are all doing the best we can and at the end of the day our children remember how we made them FEEL growing up. Take advantage of this time to connect, be attentive, play, laugh, talk, and love on your babies. Those are the things that truly matter and make a difference.

I would love to know what has been working for your family and what your days look like! 


Toddler Schedule (1)


  • We have a wake up clock so our son stays in his bed until 7:30. If you work from home, consider waking up a couple of hours before your kids to get some uninterrupted time. I teach for a couple hours before he starts his day which is nice. You can also use that time to get any chores done, workout, or just to have quiet time. I also recommend getting up before your kids during the work week to have a visual of their “school day” ready to go for them to reference that day.
  • Breakfast: I like to unload/load the dishes (we run it every night) and start any laundry for the day. Older kids can also make their own! You can use that time to talk about what you are doing that day like a “morning meeting”.
  • Independent Play: If you have older children you can have them look over their school work for the day (have a list of assignments/tasks and designated work space), get their space organized, and get themselves dressed. I typically watch the news and drink coffee during this time while our son plays!
  • Outside: If you have older children this can be a block of school time (or if weather is bad)
  • Read/Puzzles: I choose 3-4 of each to lay out and work on. This prevents him being overwhelmed and adds variety! This is also the time I read aloud and repeat the same book as many times as he wants:) If you have older children, this can be their independent reading time.
  • Lunch/Learning: If your children are older, have them help prepare lunch and clean up!
  • Quiet Time: If you implement quiet or rest time, enjoy that time to get what you need done! This can also be another chunk of school work if needed. This is when I typically workout and eat my own lunch/finish any around the house items OR relax!
  • Math: My two year old is currently practicing counting, number recognition, 1:1 matching, colors, shapes.
  • Craft/Sensory/Bible: I choose one to complete that day but try to make it hands on! With younger children you can use a sensory bin, kinetic sand, play dough, scavenger hunt, etc. This can also be “chore time”/”family responsibilities” for older children OR a life skill lesson (depending on age).
  • Outside: Use this time for ANY movement OR activity of choice.
  • Show: We get 1 hour of show or movie of choice which is so needed in the second half of the day! If you have multiple kids, alternate who chooses that day or allow different shows on personal devices. This is also a great time to do your own work!
  • Have a bedtime routine so your children aren’t staying up all night and you get a break at the end of the day! It is MUCH deserved!



Letter Lesson Example: Letter Lesson

There are SO many FREE resources right now, definitely take advantage of what you can! I also suggest implementing something your children LOVE to look forward to each day. I hope everyone stays healthy and safe!



At Home Lower Body Workout

I recently shared an at home full body workout! You can find it here: 25 Minute Full Body At Home Workout. Since many of us are currently practicing social distancing and staying away from our gym or studio, I thought I would share some quick at home workouts that you can do with any set of dumbbells. Feel free to change up the reps, intervals, or to make it your own! I completed this workout last week, and it was a little shy of 30 minutes.

What are some of your favorite lower body moves/exercises?


Demo MovesLower Body

Stay tuned for an upper body workout coming soon! Hope everyone is staying healthy and safe!




Find Your Fit: Orange Theory

I recently started a series that shares different fitness programs/trends and my overall thoughts. You can check out my first post here: Find Your Fit Series: Beach Body. Today I wanted to share my thoughts on Orange Theory Fitness after joining my sister for a few classes last weekend.

I have heard so many people hype up Orange Theory and honestly didn’t really know what to expect going into it. After taking classes, I understood why people loved it so much. I truly enjoyed the workouts and concept/structure of them. It is something different and challenging, which many people want for their personal workout routine. I will try to break it down as simply as possible!



Orange Theory is an inside athletic conditioning/interval training workout that is structured to be half cardio and half resistance training. You wear a heart rate monitor during the workout to track your heart rate zone, calories burned and “splat points” which is how many minutes you were in the hardest two zones (goal is 12 minutes or more to experience EPOC or “afterburn”). This is all individually based and structured based on your personal statistics (age, gender, etc). Your stats are shown on a screen real time so you can monitor your effort and exertion throughout the workout.

The cardio portion can consist of the treadmill and water rower depending on the format. I experienced treadmill only as well as both rower and treadmill (3 stations instead of 2). Studios also have a couple of ellipticals and bikes if the treadmills are too high impact for clients to take advantage of.  The strength area consists of TRX bands, medicine balls, bosus, and dumbbells.

When you arrive you will choose where you want to start (each machine/area is numbered so you go exactly where your card says). The instructor will coach where you need to be so you don’t have to worry about any of that. All of the workouts have a focus (endurance, strength, power, etc) so the cardio/strength is built on that. The coach will tell you exactly what each “block” or interval looks like and coach you throughout it all. You will find a “base pace” or speed on the treadmills and build your workout from there which is a win for everyone!

The coach will show each exercise in the strength portion, however all of the moves, reps, and demo will be on a separate screen for you to refer to, so there is no confusion or wasted time. After the workout you receive a report showing your stats and break down of everything. This is meant to help you progress and set goals for yourself or see improvement over time.


  • No gym contract (pay month to month)
  • APP to track your workouts, stats, and book classes (accessible)
  • Workout at any studio
  • Able to goal set and track your individual progress
  • Different workout each time within same structure/format
  • Real time stats during each workout
  • Community feel while reaching individual goals


  • Price
  • Purchase or rent heart rate monitor each time
  • Specific style (interval/athletic conditioning) if you like variety
  • Monthly classes do not carry over
  • Book in advance (many classes have a wait list)
  • Charged if cancel or no show on a class within a certain time window (because of the waitlists)


This varies depending on location so definitely ask after your first free class! You can pay a drop in rate (around $28), purchase a basic package (4 a month around $60), purchase an elite package (8 a month around $90), or unlimited package (around $160 a month).




Hope this gave some insight! I really did love it and had so much fun with my sister! What program or trend should I review next?




Unproductive Nap Times

The other day I was laying down when my son was napping and felt a little guilty about taking that time to rest when he was. As a stay at home mom, there is always something to do or that can be done during that precious quiet/alone time. I typically like to use that time to workout, eat lunch, and finish any “to-dos” since I teach in the morning before he wakes up. I am very task oriented, so my mind tends to go from one thing to the next. However, some days that early wake up (or life) gets the best of me, and my body just needs to be still and rest.

I have come to learn that it is OKAY to have an unproductive nap time. It is OKAY to lay down and rest. It is OKAY if some chores are left undone or a workout has to be completed later on in the day. I am needed all day every day with no “check out” time, and I have to remember that my health is important and valuable. Yes, a physical workout is good for my health and I can push through some days, but my mental and spiritual health are just as important. I am learning to not neglect those areas because they truly drive everything I do.

I feel like our society has created this “busy” culture that we feel we have to live by. If you ask someone how they are doing I guarantee you “busy” will be part of the response. Don’t get me wrong, being busy isn’t a bad thing…until we place value on it. I think it is just as important to not be busy. Slowing down and focusing on what matters can be eye opening. There is so much beauty in the stillness, which can be easily overlooked. I am now welcoming those unproductive nap times with open arms. I am appreciating the quiet moments and I am slowly striving to not be driven by “to-dos”.  I am listening to what my body needs and acknowledging it.


Have you had a quiet moment today? If not I challenge you to find a few minutes to just be!






Basic Home Buying Steps…What To Expect

As most of you know we recently just purchased our second home. It was a learning process with selling and buying at the same time, and definitely gave us a new perspective on things. I began thinking of first time buyers and how intimidating it can be to purchase a home. I thought I would share the basic steps/things to keep in mind when going through the process,

I would love to know anything that surprised you along the way!


1. Determine A Budget

Decide how much money you want to put down. Understand property taxes and home insurance will be part of your monthly payments (calculate those in). Determine a range and a max house price to estimate the monthly payment.

2.Find A Lender & Realtor 

Make sure to find both a lender and realtor, as both will work together in the buying process to create an experience for you (hopefully positive). Ask for recommendations and don’t be afraid to find the best fit for you.  Make sure both know your price range and that your lender has a ball park of the loan amount. You will have to submit pre-approval letters from your lender on any offers made through your relator.

3.Have Documents Organized/Ready

You will have to submit quite a few documents to your lender to be approved for your loan. Items include things such as tax returns, pay stubs, bank statements (checking/savings), assets, home contracts, etc. The faster you are, the faster the process is.

4.Make Offer

Once you find a home, you will make an offer. Most likely the seller will come back with a counter offer and you can go from there on negotiating on a price (or walking away).

5. Contract & Money 

After you come to a price agreement and have signed the contract you will generally have a few days to pay your earnest money (goes to title company and in escrow account–usually 1% of sale price) and your option period money (goes to seller). This is to show you are serious about the home purchase. Be prepared to give those checks to your realtor. Prices for each will be listed in the contract.

6.Option Period

You will go into an “option period” where you can still make negotiations with the seller. This is based off of the home inspection. It is usually around 7 days to negotiate anything else in the contract. All revisions will be sent and updated through your realtor.

7.Appraisal & Home Insurance

The home will be appraised for tax purposes and you will receive a copy for your records. You will also need to submit to your lender what company you are using for your home insurance and have that ready to go.

8.Loan Underwriting

Your finances and loan amount have to be approved through the underwriting process.

9.Final Items & Set Up Bills

Once you go through underwriting, your lender may ask for additional items. Be prepared to give those ASAP so you can be receive the final approval. Also start contacting the companies you will be using to get everything set up in your name on the date of purchase (electricity, internet, water, etc).

10. Approval & Closing

Once you are approved the last step is to close (at the title company)! Have your down payment ready. You will receive the keys after finances have gone through and everything is good to go!

This of course can look different for each person and situation. We have been blessed to have had great experiences with both homes. It is such an exciting time and can be stress free if you know what to expect going into it!



25 Minute Full Body At Home Workout

I love being able to squeeze in workouts at home because it eliminates any excuse to find the time to move my body.  There are so many programs and options out there (subscriptions and free), it makes working out extremely convenient and accessible. I enjoy following programs or attending classes because it takes the guess work (and planning) out, however sometimes I like to create my own.

I thought I would share an easy full body workout you can do at your own pace. Each move is a compound move, so you are working multiple muscle groups at once. I used 12s and 15s, however you can use ANY weight that is challenging or feels comfortable for you. Also takes breaks when you need to and listen to your body! This workout can be mixed up by switching out the cardio bursts as well as changing your rep range. Since it is based on reps, take note of your form and make that a priority!

I would love to know your favorites or if you tried this at home! 


Video Demo: Demo

Hope you were able to move your body today!