Cabin Camping Essentials

We recently went camping with my in-laws for the second year to celebrate some family birthdays. It was the perfect socially distanced get away and a nice change of scenery for all of us. Since we went to the same place last year, we knew more of what to expect and what we would be doing. My husband and I previously learned a hard lesson with chiggers so we were fully prepared this year, along with other essentials.

I thought I would share some of my must haves when going on an outdoorsy vacation. Of course if you are doing actual tent camping, the essentials would be much different! I would love to know any of yours!

1.Bug Spray/Creams

Like I mentioned, we learned the hard way last year with bites. We were fully prepared this year with different sprays and creams to use if needed. We constantly coated ourselves in spray and lucked out with no bites! I also brought stuff for poison ivy/oak just in case.

2.Waterproof/Smaller Bag

Both years we have rented a boat and enjoyed the lake for a day. I learned last year to have some type of water bag I could bring on the boat with all of our things. I also had a smaller waterproof bag for phones, wallets, keys, etc. I could keep inside and also take canoeing! (Small Bag & Large Bag)

3.Kid Life Jacket

I went ahead and brought a life jacket for our 2 year old son since the options weren’t that great last year for him. I am so glad I did because he could also use it when we did canoes. I didn’t have to worry about something being the wrong size or uncomfortable for him which was great! (Life Jacket)


We love playing games and it is always such a fun thing to do on vacation! Some of our favorites are Sequence, Phase 10, and Sorry (son’s favorite).

5.Favorite Foods/Snacks

We always bring our favorite snacks anytime we travel but we also brought things we weren’t sure if the cabin would have just in case for cooking, storing, and washing! It is so nice having everything you need and not having to worry about running into town for something.

We are excited for next year and can’t wait to go back!




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