First Trimester Essentials

We found out we were expecting our second little love in August and couldn’t be more excited to grow our family. My experience has been totally different than with our son and I will be sharing my first trimester recap soon for more on that. Today I wanted to share some of my favorites for the first 12-13 weeks of pregnancy. I am not going to lie, the majority of the time I felt like I was simply in survival mode, but there are definitely some things I used or love that I wanted to share!

I would love to know any of your favorites or recommendations!


I typically like something more organic when it comes to vitamins and used the Vitamin Code Prenatal with my first pregnancy, however this time around I had to find something I could stomach. These seemed to be ones I could manage and take every day, which was the most important to me. I plan to finish out what I have and then switch over, however I have really enjoyed these!

2.Belly Oil

Even though my belly hasn’t changed I am still a huge believer of moisturizing and hydrating my stomach as soon as possible. My good friend who had twins recommended this body oil with my first pregnancy and I absolutely loved it. I went through two bottles with my son, so expect the same. It is a little pricey but worth it!

3.Belly Butter

Once again, not a necessity but something I like using right away. I use this after the belly oil sinks into the skin and really love the combination. I slather it everywhere!

4.Nausea Relief

There a different things that work for different people when it comes to nausea. I tried to basically ride it out, however my doctor did recommend B6 to help. I ended up not taking it since I started to feel better shortly after my first appointment around week 11. A couple of things that did help me were Gatorade Zero (cold) and Jolly Ranchers. I tried peppermint and sea bands but those didn’t do anything. I also had to make sure I ate every couple of hours or it would get worse.


The first trimester can be extremely hard and taxing physically/mentally. I basically felt like I was experiencing my worst college hangover all day every day and it never went away. We can have so many expectations for ourselves on what we should be doing, eating, etc. Do what you can, listen to your body, and give yourself ALL the grace along the way!

Stay tuned for first trimester recap!

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