Pregnancy Series: Hospital Bag Essentials

I began a pregnancy series awhile back to share my experience with our son. I have posted about each trimester and my son’s birth story. You can read them here: Initial Signs & First Trimester, Second Trimester, Third Trimester, Birth Story. I thought it would be fun to share what I ended up using in my hospital bag. Everyone has their opinion on what is most important based on their individual experience with delivery. Our hospital provided most of what we needed, so I would definitely check what your hospital provides before delivery.

I would love to know what ended up being your essentials during your hospital stay!


1. Comfortable Clothing/Lounge Wear

I think being comfortable in an uncomfortable situation is so important. I ended up wearing a pajama set the entire time that buttoned all the way down, making it easy and convenient to nurse and do skin to skin. This is totally personal preference of what feels best for you. I also had something comfortable leaving the hospital.

2. Shower Shoes

I ended up bringing a cheap pair of flip flops that I wore the entire time. It made it so easy to have one pair of shoes that I could slide on and off. I did bring socks/slippers but I would get too hot wearing them so I stuck to my flip flops.

3. Undergarments

You will want more than the mesh underwear and most likely need something sturdier to hold everything they put in there. Also if you plan to nurse you may want to take a few items to wear for that (bras, tank tops, gowns, etc).

4.Baby Clothes

Definitely bring whatever clothes you want your baby in as well as any sleep sack/swaddles. Our hospital provided everything else we needed, but each hospital is different.


There is just something to having your own pillow and blanket that makes a hospital stay more comforting.


I stayed in the hospital for 3 nights and was eating all the time. We didn’t sleep that much so our snack bag was a life saver. I am pretty sure we ate everything we brought!

7.Water Bottle

If your hospital does not provide a huge water bottle, definitely bring something to stay hydrated!


I used my regular travel toiletries and took everything home they provided me for recovery/nursing.


You will have a lot of people contacting you/spouse:)

10.Whatever Makes You Feel Good

At the end of the day, it is your personal experience so pack anything and everything YOU want to pack!

Thanks for following along!




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