Putting The House To Bed

As I was getting ready for bed the other night, I started thinking about what I do the night before to create a calm and stress free morning. Of course some things are out of my control and that is just part of life. However, there are many things I can control and do the night before that help tremendously with setting the tone for the following day. I truly enjoy peaceful mornings where I feel like I’m not waking up with a “to-do” list or rushing from one thing to the next. I always keep the motto in mind “wake up the day, don’t let the day wake up you”.

I thought I would share some simple things I do that have made mornings not only manageable, but enjoyable!


1.Meal Prep 

I have done this for years with work for me and my husband. I get everything food related ready the night before so I just have to throw it in a lunch box and walk out the  door. This also includes our morning coffee! I shared my current prep for my husband that you can check out here: Morning Meal Prep IGTV

2.Teaching/Work Materials 

Since I wake up early and teach for a couple of hours I like to have everything ready to go the night before. I set out anything I need for that morning in our office so I am not trying to get things together minutes before class. I also made sure when I was teaching in the classroom that my work bag was packed and ready to go for the morning with everything I needed.

3.Tidy Up

I am pretty type A when it comes to things being put away in our home and I definitely do not go to bed with anything “messy”. Our son always cleans up his toys as part of his night routine so the only things I clean up are the kitchen and living room which usually takes 5-10 minutes. It is so nice waking up with the house tidy and everything put away!

Maintaining A Tidy Home

4.Set Out Clothes

When I was teaching in the classroom I always set out clothes the night before so I wasn’t wasting 10-15 minutes trying to decide what to wear. This can also be done with workout clothes to help with motivation if that is something you are wanting to integrate into your morning routine. It is just one less thing you aren’t spending time on! If you go to the gym after work consider having that bag packed and ready to go!

5.Kid Items 

If you have children you know thinking of their stuff is a whole other ball game. Prepping anything for your kids really depends on what stage they are in. For example, when I was nursing and working in the classroom I would make sure I had all my son’s bottles ready to go in the fridge for our parents to use and have my pumping bag with all the parts packed and by the door with my school bag. It could be anything from their lunches, clothes to extra curricular activities.

Do you do anything the night before? I would love to know!




7 thoughts on “Putting The House To Bed

  1. Hi Jaclyn! I pretty much do the same things! Get all food together, set out workout clothes/work clothes, and prep the coffee. All life savers! I also put away all the dishes so I don’t have to do that in the AM.

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