Men’s Gift Guide: Part 2

I recently shared some of my favorite men’s gifts. You can check out that post here: Men’s Gift Guide: Part 1. Today I wanted to share the another five. I prefer to get all my shopping done early so we can fully enjoy the month of December. I would love to know some of your favorite gifts that you have given or are planning on getting!

6.Luch Box or Cooler

If you know someone who takes their food to work, a nice lunch box may be a great option. My husband prefers to take all his food, so I am upgrading his lunch box this year! There are a couple of different Yeti options which is nice and my go to brand for him. If your loved one doesn’t take a lunch, a travel cooler may be another great option. It is so nice having a smaller, more portable cooler! Of course, there are many other great brands too!


My husband didn’t know he needed a backpack until I purchased one for him. He now uses it every day for work and takes it on any travel trips. It is nice to have a good quality backpack that will last! I prefer Columbia or North Face, but once again there are so many great brands and styles/options!

8.Air Pods

I am sure most people have air pods at this point, but if a loved one does not this is such a great gift. These are by far the most used and loved ear phones my husband has ever had! They have different options and price ranges which is nice and just released a new version with noise cancelling!


Upgrading or purchasing a pair of shoes can be a great option for any man. Some of my husband’s favorites have been Nike Free RN sneakers, Foot Joy golf shoes, and Hari Mari flip flops. For the sneakers and golf shoes he got to customize them and loved being able to do that! The flip flops are a little pricey but are amazing quality and worn daily. You can choose a nicer pair, or more casual!

10.Gaming System

If you have a loved one who enjoys gaming, a new system may be a great gift! Many times you have to get on the wait list way in advance to be able to purchase and pick up, however you could always purchase a gift card to go towards the system once pre sales and initial sales calm down. My husband has his eye on the new PS5 this year!

Hope these gave some ideas for any men in your life! Happy shopping!



*Amazon links are affiliate links. If you chose to use them, I receive a small commission. Thanks for the support!


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