5 Easy & Quick Breakfast Ideas

As I was preparing my husband’s food for the work day, I started thinking about easy and quick breakfast ideas. Breakfast can be tricky because some people don’t like eating right away and others don’t have time to sit and eat something before they head out the door. I thought I would share five easy and quick ideas that I personally love to make.

I would love to know any of your favorites or go-tos!


This is such a great option to take with you on the go. You can pack in a ton of nutrients and customize it exactly how you want it. Smoothies are my husband’s favorite and I can have it ready in less than 5 minutes. I have shared a couple of my favorite recipes here: Favorite Smoothie RecipeSummer Smoothie



I love regular oatmeal or overnight oats. They are both extremely easy to make, and you can add in so much to either option. Some things I love adding are nut butters (or powder), protein powder, fruit, seeds/nuts, cinnamon. You can make it filling and not really have to think about cooking. If you are busy in the morning, I suggest overnight oats and bringing with you to eat at work. You could also do the same with yogurt if oatmeal isn’t a favorite.

3.Egg Bites/Muffins

Preparing something you can heat up for a few seconds in the morning can be a life saver! Two of our favorites are egg bites and muffins. I will make a batch for the week which makes mornings easy. You can always add in fruit, toast, a bar, trail mix, etc to make it a more filling/rounded meal.

4.Energy Muffins/Bites

There are so many good recipes out there for healthy muffins and bites that are nutrient packed and easy to customize. Once again it is something you can make at the beginning of the week (or on the weekend) and have it ready to go for the entire week. You can also add in those same items as mentioned above.

5.Protein Coffee

If you have heard of any weight watcher’s hacks you have probably heard of adding in the Premier Protein liquid shakes into coffee. You can make this at home or order coffee/espresso from Starbucks and ask for a larger cup to combine the two. I personally love the vanilla mixed in and it is the easiest, on the go meal! I add in something else to digest but it is a quick option!


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