My Best Friend’s Wedding

This past weekend was my best friend’s wedding and it was such a great time! I had the privilege of being her Matron of Honor, and enjoyed every second of helping her celebrate such a BIG milestone! I thought it would be fun to share my “duties” and what I did to make sure I was meeting her needs throughout the process and on the day of. Here are my TOP TEN…

1.I think the most important thing is to ask what the bride wants pre-wedding and the day of. We all have different visions of the “perfect” experience so it helps to be on the same page. My job was to do what she wanted and to have clear communication with her.


2.Host a shower, bachelorette party or bridal lunch. I would assume the most common is the bachelorette party (which I did), but I also made sure other people were hosting different events, so I could offer if no one else was! If you are hosting a bachelorette weekend it helps to decide in advance what you are paying for and what you are splitting between the girls (not the bride) so everyone has an idea of the cost.

nic 7

3.Offer to help with any of the planning and communicating with the bridal party. I had her make a list of everything I could do to help eliminate items off her plate such as….create bridal party timeline with events, collect gift bag goodies and put them together, address envelopes, be the contact person day of, etc….This truly depends on how much the bride is doing herself and how much additional help they are receiving.


4.Be present at any festivities and note gifts for thank yous.

Nic 4

5.Help with anything the bride needs weekend of OR delegate to others. If the bride is doing a lot themselves, ask other people to help so it is one less stress. Be the primary contact the weekend of so the bride can RELAX and ENJOY!

nic 3.JPG

6.Carry a “bride bag” the day of with anything needed at the ceremony and reception. I carried her purse, change of shoes, tip envelopes, mini toiletries, etc…


7.Make sure the bridal party is fed day of. If there are no set plans offer to host breakfast, snacks, and lunch.  For breakfast we did egg muffins, breads, mixed fruit, pigs in a blanket, mimosas and coffee. For lunch we did sandwiches, veggie tray, chips/dips, and waters. It does not have to be anything fancy!

nic 11

8.Coordinate with the best man. I contacted the best man the entire morning of for anything we needed so the bride and groom could stay out of it!


9.Hold the flowers, fix the dress, bustle, create ribbon bouquet, give a speech, etc….


10.Create a shared album with the bridal party so everyone can upload pictures of the weekend and they can enjoy looking through all of them!





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