Toy Organization

If you have small children, you know toy takeover is a real thing. Before I had our son I used to think we would have minimum toys and that would be that. Of course, I was wrong…like most things pre-kids. Our son loves to play and has such a great imagination. He is interested in many different things, which is great, however that means toys, toys, and more toys.

I am the type of person that loves to have things organized and to know where everything goes. I have shared ways I keep our home tidy here: Maintaining A Tidy Home. I am all about our son having toys, however I want them to be able to be put away and have some sort of system. I thought I would share how I keep his things organized and what has worked best so far.

As always, I would love to know any tips/tricks/structures you have for your children!

1.Invest In Storage

There are many different storage options that can help so much with keeping all of the toys together. We have storage bins and some crates that work great for his current stage and what he is interested in.

2.Store In Certain Areas

Decide where you want to keep the toys and stay consistent with cleaning up and putting them in their place. We keep everything in our son’s closet so it is easy to pick up at the end of the day.

3.Clean Out 

Have a method to cleaning out toys, whether it is a couple of times a year or periods when your children are getting new toys (birthdays, Christmas, etc.). I like to clean out 2-3 times since I generally go through the entire house. We store the old toys in a bin for additional children so we can use them again.

4.Have Children Clean Up

I think this helps so much with keeping the toys put away! Our son helps every time we clean so he knows where things go and can easily put things away and take ownership of his things.

5.Make Most Out Of Space/Home

Every house and space is different so take advantage of the space you have and try to use it the best way. That will look different for everyone!






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