Last Week Of Pregnancy : 5 Focus Areas

Tomorrow I go in for my last doctor’s appointment (until postpartum) and get induced Monday morning with our littlest love. I can not believe how fast 10 months flew by and am so grateful for another healthy and wonderful pregnancy experience. I thought I would share some things I have been focusing on or making sure are in order before brother makes his arrival. Since we don’t live close to family and have a toddler, there is much more to think about and coordinate with actual labor than the first time around! You can check out all pregnancy posts under the “Pregnancy” tab on the main menu!

1.Hospital Game Plan

Since we have a toddler we had to come up with some type of plan if labor happens before induction. In our situation, I reached out to some friends who offered to watch our son until family can stay with him (both parents live 5-6 hours away). Having some type of “list” of people you plan to contact eliminates one extra stress and provides some security in an unknown time. If your child is able to understand, explaining to them what will happen is also important! Our son is very excited!

2.Hospital Protocol

Understanding hospital protocol is also important before arriving. Since we still have restrictions in place with COVID, I called to receive general information and ask what I needed to do on my end. You can also ask what will be provided for packing purposes and visiting hours (if applicable). I am beyond grateful my husband gets to come and go for food and to check in with our older son!

3.House Chores

I don’t know about you, but I can not go somewhere if my house is a mess. I don’t know why it bothers me so much, but I enjoy coming home where I don’t immediately have a list of chores or things to take care of. Ever since I started dilating I have been making sure the house is clean and tidy every night before bed. I have also been vacuuming and wiping counters every couple days as well as doing laundry.

Putting The House To Bed

4.Home/Toddler Info

Since we will be having people stay at our house while we are gone, having information for them can be extremely helpful. I typed up two different documents for whoever to use if needed. One is our toddler’s schedule of meals, sleep times, and basic information and the other is house information such as security, tv, ac, etc. We are also leaving my car with our toddler’s car seat incase a car is needed and it is one less stress to transfer it to another vehicle. I am leaving additional items and have stocked up on certain things, but it is personal preference and whatever your situation is!


This week I am really focusing on moving my body and getting as much sleep as possible. I am napping every day with my son and trying to take care of my body in whatever way I can! I am also drinking my normal 120ish ounces of water and making sure I don’t fall behind on that!

Pregnancy & Exercise

What were some things you found yourself doing before labor? I would love to know! As always, sending light and love!




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