Getting Back Into Exercise After Baby

This past week I got cleared to resume normal activity at my six week postpartum check up. You can read more about that appointment here: Postpartum Check Up. I have been eager to exercise the past few weeks (aside from walking) and feel so good (and sore) getting back into it again! I thought I would share what I am focusing on as I am starting a new routine and what tends to work for me. I would love to know anything that has worked for you after baby!

1.Determine A Good Time

This is huge when starting a new routine after a baby because many things determine when the ideal time to exercise is depending on your personal situation. I am continuing to exercise during my toddler’s nap time because I know I will have two hours with one less kid to worry about. I also lay my baby down around that time so I have at least an hour to myself which is so nice. I have also noticed that my energy is good around that time of day since I am getting as much sleep as possible in the mornings and am usually ready to relax at night. Decide what time of day works best for your routine/schedule and then try to be as consistent as possible.

2.Make A Plan

Determining what you want to do for exercise will help eliminate some stress and allow you and your significant other to be on the same page if they are needed to watch the kids. For example, if you plan to work out early mornings and attend a class, make sure you plan accordingly with feedings and wake ups (or vice versa with nights). For me personally, working out at home is the easiest with convenience and nursing. Thank goodness for so many at home options! I also like to have a plan of what I am doing for a week at a time to hold myself more accountable. I personally like to follow some type of program when working out at home, but once again it is all about preference!

3.Start Small

Your body has been through so much after growing and birthing a human. You do not have to jump back into whatever routine you were used to during pregnancy or before. Be realistic with expectations and goals and celebrate the small victories!

Bonus: Do something you LIKE! There are so many ways to use and move our bodies!

I would love to know anything you did after baby!

As always, sending light and love!




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