Amazon Toddler Finds

I have recently shared some of my favorite Amazon finds for health, a cozy night in, clothing, and hubby. Today I thought I would end with sharing some of my favorite toddler items. You can check out my previous posts here: Amazon Health FindsAmazon Cozy FindsAmazon Hubby Finds.

What are some of your favorite Amazon or online purchases? I would love to know!


1.Wake Up Clock

I have mentioned using this clock in another post, but we absolutely love it for our two year old. You can set a “sleep” time and “wake up” time so your child can start to learn when morning is. There is also an option to have only the light change with no sound (what we prefer). We started using this to prepare our son for his big boy bed and what the expectations are when he can roam around his room.


Amazon: Clock


I started cutting our son’s hair in March and have continued cutting it a couple of times a month. I have really enjoyed this set and also use a spray water bottle. You can check out more about his hair cuts here: Toddler Hair Cut.


Amazon: Scissors/Comb

3.LEGO Sets

Our son has started playing with LEGOS and loves it! We have the original kind as well as the bigger blocks and he loves both. It is something fun for him and my husband to do together and easy to store. If he is playing with the smaller pieces we always make sure we are monitoring him!

Untitled    Untitled

Amazon: Classic Lego Set                                   Amazon: Bigger Set


We love using play-doh and creating different things. This kit comes with different tools and shapes which is so nice and easy to clean up. We have definitely gotten some good use out of it! We also use the tools with kinetic sand which is fun!Olad


Amazon: Play-Doh

5.Olaf Set

I bought this for my son as an Easter present and he was obsessed! He thought it was so fun changing out all of the parts and still loves playing with it. It definitely has been one of his favorite toys! All of the pieces store in a back compartment which is nice.


Amazon: Olaf





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