Donating Breast Milk

A few months ago I was able to donate my freezer stash of breast milk to an amazing place in North Texas called Mother’s Milk Bank of North Texas (Milk Bank Site). I don’t know why, but I went in to it thinking it would be a quick process where I would drop off and be done. It definitely took a lot longer than I expected, but I am so thankful they took the time to do a thorough screening. I thought I would share the process in case it is ever something you or someone you know is considering doing.

If you don’t live in North Texas I would first research the different places that accept donations and read more about their company, mission, process, etc. This will give you an idea of what is available and out there in your area. Here were the steps I went through before I could donate…

  1. Initial Application–>  This included a general questionnaire and basic information online.
  2. Phone Interview–>  This consisted of a more in- depth questionnaire regarding medical history (about 15 minutes).
  3. Blood Work –> You are e-mailed your paperwork to take to the closest office and give a few vials of blood so they can run multiple tests.
  4. OB & Pediatrician Paperwork–> They send forms to your doctors regarding medical history.
  5. Online Interview–> You are sent a more in- depth online questionnaire covering multiple topics.
  6. Donation –> They provide a list of drop off locations where you can go with your milk & ID number

One thing I didn’t know was most places will want a minimum amount in ounces. I believe I was asked to donate at least 100, so it is definitely something to keep in mind. I am so grateful I was able to give what we had excess of. My son and I had an incredible breast feeding journey and I hope I am able to help again in the future!




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