Top 3 Tips When Traveling With Littles By Car

We recently had our first road trip with both boys to visit my family, which was wonderful. We are now gearing up for another road trip to see my husband’s family for an annual trip/celebration. Both families live around 5-6 hours away so it can definitely feel long at times with littles. I thought I would share some things that work for us when traveling by car with our kids. I am also sharing how I pack for a family on my IGTV this week. You can check out the first planning video here.

I would love to know anything that works for your family!

1.Travel During A “Sleep” Time

I started doing this when my older son and I would travel together and it was such a game changer for us. Having a couple of hours of quiet time in the car is amazing and getting on the road early was something I enjoyed. I decided to leave early mornings since I am not a night owl and couldn’t bank on sleep in the afternoon. We did the same with our baby this time around and it worked out great! It is so nice with it dark outside and them naturally still being tired. We tell our older son it is quiet time until the sun comes up and try to leave around 5:00-5:30am to get a good two hours before entertaining. I also prefer only an hour or so of screen time in the car so this helps make some time pass!

2.Activity Bag

I have a designated activity bag for any trip with coloring books, water wows, and some small toys. I also brought some teethers, rattles, and things for our baby to look at. One thing that helps with any trip is purchasing a couple of new items to make them exciting. I try to get a new coloring book or water wow and a small new toy that is opened in the car! Having it all in one place is so helpful, especially if you are traveling alone!

3.Snack Bag

Having snacks is ALWAYS a good idea. I like to pack a lunch box or pre-portioned snacks and some things we don’t normally eat that are a “treat” for our toddler. We all fill out our water bottles the morning of and my husband and I prefer to bring our own coffee in a thermos to prevent less stops. I didn’t bring any bottles of pumped milk for our son, but I definitely will this next time when we are having our panic moments!

As always, sending light and love!




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