Goal Setting: Top 5 Tips

I recently shared a post talking about vision boards and big picture goals. You can check that out here: Vision Boards

I wanted to share how I create goals for the year and what I have learned along the way. I view my yearly goals as daily actions or the smaller steps I want to take to reach the larger vision. To be honest, I used to create very generic goals that I thought were important, but ended up not being really what I wanted. I never wrote them down or even looked at them. I would create goals that were so unrealistic, I would immediately feel a sense of failure and quit striving for it altogether.

I am about to create my goals for the year and I wanted to share my process and how I decide what is most important. I would love to know if you create goals for yourself and what that looks like for you!


1.Create a vision board or the “big” picture goals first

This is so important to do before creating goals because it allows you to see the year as a whole and what you hope to accomplish big picture. It is a great visual that will help you create the goals or steps needed to reach the vision you have for your life!

2.Decide daily/weekly/monthly actions you want to take or habits you want to create

Once you have your vision created, think about the daily actions or choices you will have to make to allow things to happen. For example, if your big picture goal is to save $5,000 for the year create a goal that is specific to achieve it.

Example: Save $415 per month OR Save $207 each paycheck (bi-weekly) OR Save $104 each week.

This is allows you to think of the HOW and come up with a plan that feels good for you.

3.Create goals that feel good for YOU and are realistic

Think about actions that are realistic for your lifestyle. If one of your big picture goals is to live a healthier life, create a goal that is actually obtainable. Don’t overwhelm yourself with goals that are too intense or stress you out. Remember you can always surpass your goal!

For example, if you goal is to work out 3 times a week and after a few months you are consistently working out 4-5, you have surpassed your goal! Set yourself up to be successful! 

4.Write them down

This is personal preference how you want to write your goals down. For me, I write them at the front of each gratitude journal. I look at them every day before I journal and read them out loud. I know some people like to write them daily, while others like to write them and have them where they can see them. This is totally up to you, but have them where you can reference them!

5. Give yourself grace

Just because you create goals for yourself does NOT mean every day has to be perfect. Understand that there will be ebs and flows and some days are better than others. Goal setting is all about striving to be the best version of yourself and wanting the best in life. It encourages you to show up and create what you desire. Give yourself grace when needed, but also strive to take action.

What are some goals you want to implement this year? You have the capability to achieve whatever goal you set for yourself!




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