5 Thoughtful Gift Ideas

With Christmas quickly approaching I wanted to share some last minute gift ideas that are more sentimental or thoughtful. These could also be used for other special occasions such as Mother’s/Father’s Day, Valentines, birthday, anniversary, etc. Below are my top five!

I would love to know any gifts you have given or received that meant a lot to you!

1.Family Recipes

We have started a family recipe book with not only our favorite recipes, but also our staples during childhood and growing up. Typing or writing up some of your favorite recipes would be an amazing gift to give someone that can be kept forever! You can be as creative or simple as you want to be when gifting it.

You can check out our current book here: Recipe Book

2.Photo Albums

Creating a photo album is always a nice gesture for a family member. We have gifted wedding books, and travel books to both families (can also create with grandkids). It is so nice to be able to have your memories in one place and look back on it from time to time. You can spend as much or as little with these!

3.Family Ornament

Customizing an ornament is always a nice and thoughtful gift. It could be for any year a family grows (wedding, baby) or an ornament for another special occasion (purchasing a home). I love having sentimental ornaments on our tree and displaying special memories or years. Below is an example of ornaments we have gifted or family!

IG: ClothandCross

4.Special Jewlery

I have received a couple of special jewelry pieces that I absolutely love with my son’s initial and my wedding date. You can personalize/customize it to that person as well as find multiple price points. It can be an initial, birthstone, or date!

5.I Owe You

Gifting someone an “I Owe You” can go a long way if they are needing a personal day, date night or help with a specific project. Offering your time is so meaningful when we are all so busy!

Do you like giving or receiving sentimental gifts?



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