10 Daily Health Habits

With a new month around the corner, I start to think about goals for myself and reflect on the previous weeks. There is something about the beginning of a month that is refreshing and exciting for me personally. With so much out of our control (especially now) I like to focus on what I can control in my day to day. Of course not every day is perfect, which is all part of the journey and is where I tend to learn the most. However, there are so many good things implemented in my daily routine that have now become second nature that I wanted to share. I will say some of these habits or routines took longer than others to build and get to a place where they became automatic. Time and consistency are always your friend when creating something new….as well as grace!

What are some healthy habits you implement day to day? I would love to know!


1.Waking Up Before The House 

This has become such a sacred time for me. I finish teaching an hour before my son gets up to carve out “me” time. I started doing this once we moved, and I will never go back. I heard the motto “wake up the day, don’t let the day wake you up” and it really resonated with me about creating intentions in the morning and having that time.

2. Water

I have mentioned before I am a huge water drinker. I have a 40oz hydro-flask that I love to keep me on track since I only need to refill it a couple of times. Drinking water makes such a difference all around and can be something simple to implement. There are so many different systems to track your intake if that is a personal goal. I also bring my hydro-flask everywhere so it is a constant reminder to drink.

3.Vegetable With Every Meal

I have always enjoyed vegetables, but there have been many seasons where I was barely eating any throughout a day. I am now at a place where I implement at least one serving with each meal. It keeps me full and most importantly provides value to my health. I don’t follow any diet or eating plan but try to focus on giving my body nutrient dense foods.

4.Mind Fuel

This can look different for everyone, depending on personal preference. I like to listen to podcasts or trainings that are uplifting and educational. I also enjoy reading different books that are geared to self growth/development as well as journal (gratitude), practice affirmations, and pray.


This does not have to be an intense workout. Any movement is good for your body. I enjoy following some type of fitness program to challenge myself and keep myself accountable, but it can be whatever is best for you. Find what you enjoy doing and implement whatever that is!


There is nothing better than getting outside! My son and I love our morning walks and look forward to it everyday.

7. Vitamins/Supplements 

This is such a personal thing since we are all so different in what our bodies need. If you are ever curious about any deficiencies, you can get blood work done and discuss with your primary doctor. Supplements can be anything from a greens powder to a collagen powder and can be completely tailored to your needs.

8.Making Your Bed

Although I love a made bed, I think the act of making your bed is what is more important than the bed itself. It starts your day with you accomplishing a simple task which can snowball into more accomplishments/productivity throughout the day.

9.Self Care

This does not have to be some elaborate thing that you only do certain times. Doing something for yourself every day is so important. It can be as simple as your skin care routine, to reading a book, to having 10 minutes of alone time.

10. Maintain A Learning Mindset

It is a journey, and we continue to learn, evolve, grow, and improve with trial/error and time. Try new things, challenge yourself, and be kind to yourself along the way!




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