SAHM Schedule: Pros/Cons

I am entering my second year of staying home with our son, and it has been the best learning process! I have had to create some sort of schedule/routine to keep me accountable and foster his learning/development. I thought I would share our general daily schedule as well as the pros and cons to staying home. I have shared his morning and night time routine (Toddler AM Routine & Toddler PM Routine) as well as my morning routine (Morning Routine ). I would love to know if you have a daily schedule or structure in place and what that looks like!

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Daily Schedule 

4:30-6:30: Teach

6:45: Start Our Day

7:00: Breakfast (unload/load dishwasher)

7:15-8:00: Independent Play (coffee, gratitude, devotional)

8:00: Dressed

8:15-9:15: Walk & Park (morning prayer/affirmations)

9:15: Morning Snack

9:20-11:00: Out of House (library, play date, activity, errands, etc)

11:15: Nap Routine

11:30-1:00: Nap (workout/house chores/listen to professional development/write)

1:00: Lunch (prep husbands lunch/snacks for next day)

1:30-3:00: Play, Read, Learning Activities

3:00-5:00: Family Time (husband gets home) & TV Episode

5:00: Dinner

5:45: Clean Up (room and living room)

5:50: IPAD Songs

6:15: Bedtime Routine

I will share my personal night time routine in another post that I generally do from 7-9pm! I will say I absolutely  LOVE being home with our son and have really enjoyed this precious time together. Like any other job, there are some pros and cons to staying home full time….


  • Primary caretaker
  • Foster what you want your child to be exposed to
  • Quality time and experiences
  • Present for milestones
  • Model choices, words, conversations, etc…
  • FUN!


  • Never “leave” your job
  • Can be taxing mentally/emotionally, especially during leaps, spurts, teething, etc.
  • No day to day adult interaction/conversation (if you chose to not participate in groups/activities)


Of course, not every family wants a structured day or routine, and that is perfectly okay! I like chunking our day and staying consistent because he knows what to expect. I would love to know if your family does anything particular!







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