Toddler Activity Bag Favorites For Road Trips

In my last post, I shared the top three things that work for our family when traveling by car with kiddos. You can check that out here: Top Three Tips When Traveling With Littles By Car. I mentioned having an activity bag for car trips and thought I would share my go to items for both of my boys at their current stages. I have a toddler (3.5 years) and a 4 month old. Today I wanted to share my top 5 items for our toddler. Stay tuned for my baby items. I would love to know any of your favorites!

Toddler Car Activities

1.Water Wow

I absolutely love these, and so does my son! They are easy, low maintenance, and a perfect car activity! I try to purchase a new one for any longer trips so my son is even more excited about it as well as bring a few older ones.

2.Coloring Book

I love bringing a few coloring options and usually stick to something with crayons or magic markers. This is also something I usually purchase a new one of and try to get something my son is currently into such as Paw Patrol, PJ Masks, etc.

3.Sticker Books

Sticker books are another great car option in having something to do. I really like these because they are easy for kids to peel off independently and are fun to change around and make different scenes!

4.New Toy

I try and get a new toy for any longer trip to get our son excited and have a fun surprise. Last car trip and this upcoming car trip I purchased a PJ Mask character for him to play with. He LOVED it!


Since our standard car trips are now 5-6 hours we usually do around 1.5 hours of show time. Our son downloads episodes from Amazon and Netflix and can watch for a little while having a snack. He of course loves being able to do this!

You can also check out how I plan for our family trips here.

As always, sending light and love.




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