Friend Weekends

I recently had a girls weekend with some of my good college friends. As I was driving I couldn’t help but think of how blessed I was to have friends to plan weekends with, as well as how important and valuable that time together was. Our group of friends has tried to get together every couple of months to catch up and spend time with one another for the past 9 years. Even though we are spread out to different cities, and in different seasons of life, we still make an effort to stay connected.

Becoming a parent gives you a whole new perspective of things. Even though leaving my son was extremely hard for me in the first year, I now look forward to and crave that time with my girlfriends. I appreciate it on another level and understand just how important it is. I also think it is beneficial for our son to see us live a balanced life where we make ourselves a priority in different ways.

I wanted to share ways we have been able to stay connected over the years, especially if it is something you are wanting to implement with your friends!

  • Alternate the places so it is fair for everyone
  • Alternate the main coordinators/hosts
  • Give advance notice
  • Keep it simple/budget friendly (unless it is meant to be a big trip)
  • Extend the invitation to everyone
  • Use resources you already have (ex: parents homes, lake homes, etc…)
  • Plan the next weekend after the last visit so it is in the calendar (ex: we already have an April weekend date)
  • Create any easy yearly traditions (ex: college weekend, lake weekend, etc..)
  • Take advantage of life events to all get together (ex: weddings, showers, birthdays)
  • Find additional ways that aren’t in person (online bible study with weekly meetings, once a month catch up video dates, prayer lists/requests)

What are some ways you stay connected with your friends? I would love to know! 




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