New Beginnings

This past week our family moved to another city for my husband’s job. It was a big, but exciting change for us that was solidified throughout the entire process. Big decisions are always hard to make, but our prayers were answered over and over which I am beyond thankful for. I am constantly thinking about how things aligned and worked out and the gratitude I feel for the overall experience.

When we found out about my husband’s job, we knew we would have a period of time where we were separated as a family. We thought it would be a couple months (at least) with the holiday season and having to sell/buy homes. We were talking with our neighbors about moving and they expressed interest in our home for their mom who was looking to move to the area to be close to family. She came to look at our house and decided she was going to take the plunge. We were able to sell our home without putting it on the market, which was the biggest blessing!

My husband began looking at homes while he was out of town for work, and we found a home we loved (via facetime) and decided to make an offer. The previous owners wanted to be out as soon as possible for a home they had built, so we were able to schedule our closing the day after our other closing! I was able to drive up and see it for the inspection which was great. Another big blessing and prayers answered!

After we had our closing dates set we scheduled our movers for both homes. The movers were able to come pack on a Tuesday, load on a Wednesday and then we closed on our previous home Thursday. We were scheduled to close on our new home Friday so we had time to drive in. Our movers were the same group in both places so they went ahead and scheduled our delivery on Saturday instead of Monday (another huge blessing) to make it easier on us. They were the absolute BEST crew, we couldn’t have loved them more! It was a busy, yet amazingly seamless and exciting week.


We were also able to keep our same lender who we LOVE and she made the entire process beyond easy. My husband’s new company made it even easier with setting everything up and handling things with the relocation process, we still can’t believe it. All signs we were on the right path.

This whole experience has reminded us of a few things…

  • Prayer is powerful 
  • Having a positive attitude and belief changes everything
  • There are signs all around 
  • Trusting your gut and taking chances are 100% worth it 
  • Gratitude is key 
  • Change is a good thing if you let it be


We are excited for the journey ahead. Thanks for reading and following along!







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