2021 Shows

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and are excited about the new year. We are winding down from Santa, visiting family, and celebrating our oldest turning four! I am now in cleaning/organizing mode to bring in 2022.

I recently shared the books I read this year which you can check out here. I thought I would piggy back off that post and share the shows I watched this year and my thoughts. I would love to know any of your favorites or recommendations. You can also check out some of my favorite Netflix shows here.

Lighthearted/Feel Good

1.Younger (7 seasons): Divorced 40 something year old pretends to be younger to focus on a career in publishing.

2.The Bold Type (5 seasons): Follows three women who are best friends and work for a magazine in different positions.

3.Emily In Paris (2 seasons): American who moves to Paris for a job opportunity and navigates her new life.

4.Ginny and Georgia (1 season): Mother and daughter duo that try to start over in new town.

5.Ted Lasso (2 seasons): American football coach begins a new journey coaching English soccer.


6.In The Dark (3 seasons): Blind woman and friends get mixed up with drug dealer.

7.Sneaky Pete (3 seasons): Con man takes on prison mate’s identity after jail.

8.The Americans (6 seasons): 2 KGB intelligence officers undercover in America.

9.Suits (9 seasons): College drop out starts working as a law associate for a big firm.

Science Fiction

10.The Handmaid’s Tale (4 seasons): Society is reorganized after war in a religious construct. Fertile women are subjected to the role of a handmaid to fix the infertility crisis.

I honestly would recommend all of these shows! I enjoyed each one and am looking forward those that are continuing seasons! Let me know some of your favorites!

As always, sending light and love.




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