Friend Weekends: Part 2

Last year I shared some thoughts on creating and maintaining friend weekends. You can check out that post here: Friend Weekends. This year has been so hard because of everything going on, I honestly didn’t know if I would get the opportunity to see any friends. We have had 3 different trips planned throughout the year that were cancelled due to obvious reasons, however we were determined to see each other at least once.

I know I am not alone when I say that mental health has been a challenge this year. I think we all reached a point where we realized we were doing everything to be as safe as possible, and our mental/social health needed to also be a priority. It helped that our group was only 6 people too during this current climate.

I did not realize how good for the soul those weekends truly are. This year especially has completely given me a new lens and perspective on things, which I am beyond grateful for. I left feeling so full and refreshed, it was exactly what I needed!

I thought I would add some more take aways to making those weekends a reality and what I have learned this year….

  • Everyone just wants to catch up and be together so you really don’t need anything fancy planned
  • Take advantage of late nights and early mornings together….time is so precious
  • Help host plan food/meal items to purchase and offer to bring something (split cost of purchased items)
  • Designate sleeping areas prior to weekend
  • Get fresh air
  • Help/thank the host (card, small gift/gesture)
  • Stay connected throughout the year– ex: weekly zoom nights, group chat
  • Soak in the conversations, laughs, and memories

What is everyone looking forward to this upcoming year? I am definitely hoping for more than one girls weekend that’s for sure!




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