Postpartum Essentials

I recently shared some of our newborn essentials that we have been using the past two weeks. You can check that out here…

I thought I would piggy back off of that and share some of my postpartum essentials and what I have personally been using during this time. I would love to know anything that you found yourself using or loving during recovery and those first couple of weeks post birth!


Having a variety of pads is so helpful at home depending on how your recovery and healing is. It truly is personal preference and what your body is needing. I personally like having 3ish options to use depending on the day and what I am needing.

2. Nursing Bras

If you choose to breastfeed having good, supportive bras is a must! Your body is adapting and changing based on what your baby needs so being comfortable is a huge plus. If you find yourself leaking a lot, using pads inside your bra will be so helpful. I personally don’t use any but know a lot of people do! Also using a cream can help if you are tender or raw in that area.

3.Lounge Clothes

Having comfortable lounge clothes is a must! The first two weeks I have barely worn “regular” clothes and have been enjoying staying as comfortable as possible throughout the day.

Current Favorite: Lounge Set

4.Water Bottle

Staying hydrated is so important no matter what season of life you are in…especially when your body is healing and recovering! Having a water bottle you love that you can continuously fill up throughout the day will help you remember to stay hydrated and give your body what it needs.

Current Favorite: Water Bottle


I am continuing my prenatal with breastfeeding along with the supplements I was taking during pregnancy. Continuing to give your body what you need is so important and you can always discuss with your doctor if you have any questions or concerns.

Items I used with my first recovery included ice packs, peri bottle, and witch hazel/dermoplast. I have not needed any of those this time around which has been wonderful and a much different experience. You can check out my recovery with our second here: Recovery Baby 2.

As always sending light and love!




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