Organizing Baby Items

If you personally know me, you know I love having things organized. It is naturally how my brain works and keeps me from not feeling anxious or stressed with our things. Since I stay home with our boys, I personally feel it is important to have systems for their items to encourage personal responsibility (toddler) and model being respectful of our home/belongings. You can check out my organization posts here as well as some toy organization ideas here.

I thought I would share some systems I have in place for our baby that work well for our family. Of course every family is different, and what works for us may not be practical for you. However, I do what to give some ideas in case you are wanting to get more organized, especially with baby items!


Since both of our boys quickly went through sizes, I have created a clothing system that makes it easy on me when storing small sizes and replacing drawers with the next size up. I like to keep the next size washed and stored in the closest so it is ready to go when needed. I also keep a bigger storage tub in the closet that I can put small sizes in. Once it is filled I will label the sizes (ex: 9-12months) and store in attic or donate to someone.


I feel like toys can easily take over a house if you let them. Don’t get my wrong our house is a disaster when it is play time, however the boys know where the toys go when it is time to clean up and everything has a space or spot so there is no guess work. I personally prefer to keep most of our baby toys in the main area so we can constantly monitor. Our ottoman provides storage so we keep a basket of toys there along with some bigger items. Our younger son loves getting what he wants and having some independence. I also have a toy organizer in his closet so I can rotate toys or switch out ones that he has grown out of.


I am exclusively breastfeeding so if I am gone I have to pump and prep bottles for my husband. I have a basket for pumping parts and a basket for bottles that I keep in our linen closet since we do not frequently use them. However, they are easy to get to when needed and I have everything in one place. You can see what that looks like for me here.


Since I am breastfeeding I like to make sure I have a back stock of milk in the freezer for my husband. I like to keep them in acrylic organizers from oldest to newest, however I know other people prefer to batch them in gallon storage bags.

5.Back Stock

I like to make sure I have a back stock of certain items for when we run out including diapers, wipes, body wash, medicine, etc. I like to keep these items in the boy’s linen closet and utilize different organizers (acrylic stackers and baskets).

I personally feel if there is a space, spot, or zone for every item it is easy to keep things organized. I know there are so many items when babies or kids are in the mix and their things can quickly take over the house. As always, every family is different with what works for them!

Sending light and love.




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