Holiday Traditions

My favorite time of year is here, and I am LOVING everything about it. My husband and I are having the best time with our toddler. This year feels extra magical experiencing everything through his eyes! It is so fun to watch him take it all in. We have started our family advent calendar (Advent Calendar 2019) and it made me think of the traditions we already have in place. I thought it would be fun to share some of our favorite traditions we have as a family, as well as our favorites from growing up (we alternate holidays with our immediate families). I would love to know any that are special to you!



Family Traditions 

  • Advent Calendar
    • This has MANY traditions within
  • Matching PJS
  • Family Pictures & Christmas Cards
  • Angel Tree OR Someone In Need
  • Jaclyn Sleepover (Night Out) & Nutcracker With Mother-In-Law & Sister-In-Law

Jaclyn Family Traditions 

  • Candlelight Christmas Eve Service
  • Clam/Oyster Chowder Christmas Eve (my dad’s tradition growing up)
  • 1 Present Christmas Eve
  • Movie on Christmas Day (started when we were older)
  • Thanksgiving Foods Christmas Day

Mason Family Traditions

  • Extended Family Dinner Christmas Eve (his parents host)
  • Thanksgiving Foods Christmas Day
  • Boxes Presents (each child has a stack of boxes with presents inside)


What are you excited about this year?




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